My Ride – Nappy Roots

hey livin off some big rims lookin like some blades play her like a pimp type a nigga aint me with the tint the 35 percent so ya cant see fish scales shotgun pass the “;L”; to big V flip flop candy lookin so wet it drip drop (shiiiine) from the tip top chrome double […]

Ballin’ On A Budget – Nappy Roots

I’m just a, big bang baller on a budget Dank weed, smokin like “;fuck it”; City slicker, country nigga, reppin straight from Kentucky Horseshoes and rabbit paws flossin, chicken closs for the lucky 40 flowers, Range Rovers, so they know the tailpipe’s rusted [Big V] Country cookin, dog fightin, big-body ridin Chillin like a mug […]

Slums – Nappy Roots

“;Please baby, please don’t leave”; [R. Prophit] We rappers in the slums.. alright.. Let’s get this motherfucker crunkin from Kentucky to Baghdad Ya pops was always gone but that didn’t make him a bad dad We still managed to eat, and come to think wattn’t half bad But Doug was always humerous bout the things […]

Dime, Quarter, Nickel, Penny – Nappy Roots

I broke a dollar down the gutter (?) the dime, quarter, penny, nickel Flipped the 25 to 50 cent, now watch the bitch triple Game simple, ya here today, tomorrow ya ain’t Now who the hell gon’ save it right That ain’t gon’ change the way you think I took a buck fifty, ballin on […]

Life’s A Bitch – Nappy Roots

Aye man, I wonder what’s gon’ happen the minute my cash get dropped You ever thought about that Skinny? Nope? Shit what about you Scales mayne? I’m-I’m unsure mayne I got alotta, lotta question that need to be answered True we all got questions, but dawg I got questions I got a lot on my […]

Awnaw – Nappy Roots

Awwnaw! [Hook] Awnaw! Hell naw! Man Y’all done up and done it Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy Y’all done up and done it Awnaw! Hell naw! Man Y’all done up and done it Ah, y’all done up and done it Man y’all done up and done it [Fish Scales] My first song was like forty-eight bars […]