Set It Out – Nappy Roots

Smoked the bong to the bang and got crunk Shorty with the thong and the chain’s about to get nutty […]

Po’ Folks – Nappy Roots

Mmmmm, awww.. [Chorus] All my life been po’ But it really don’t matter no mo’ And they wonder why we […]

Headz Up – Nappy Roots

[Chorus] Where yo’ head at? Shawty, where yo’ head at? Show me where yo’ head at Shawty, where yo’ head […]

Sholiz – Nappy Roots

Yean know dat? [Skinny DeVille] Yo, I snuck a dollar out my momma purse, headed for that juice joint Twenty […]

Country Boyz – Nappy Roots

We just some country boys – country walk, country talk Don’t bring it round here ‘less ya know fa sho’ […]

Ho Down – Nappy Roots

It was a ho-down… Another ho-down… It was a ho-down… Another ho-down… [Skinny DeVille] Walked into the club and farted […]

My Ride – Nappy Roots

hey livin off some big rims lookin like some blades play her like a pimp type a nigga aint me […]

Slums – Nappy Roots

“;Please baby, please don’t leave”; [R. Prophit] We rappers in the slums.. alright.. Let’s get this motherfucker crunkin from Kentucky […]

Awnaw – Nappy Roots

Awwnaw! [Hook] Awnaw! Hell naw! Man Y’all done up and done it Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy Y’all done up and […]