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Halftime – Nas

Check me out y’all, Nasty Nas in your area About to cause mass hysteria Before a blunt, I take out […]

Life We Chose – Nas

To my niggaz.. huh.. We all we got.. Let’s hold it down though, y’know? However it’s gon’ go down This […]

Favor For A Favor – Nas

Yo Nas.. I don’t think they wanna FUCK with this Gangsta shit.. fo’ sho’ (“;Danger.. danger..”;) Check it out It’s […]

Destroy & Rebuild – Nas

And notorious projects, Queensbridge Listen while Nas saves his hood from the most Cowardest rappers [Nas] He held a mass […]

Project Window – Nas

Black hoods, cops ‘n projects sewers flooded with foul blockage The gutter’s wild and every child watches Changin top locks […]

Braveheart Party – Nas

Yeah… ay yo Jungle… ay yo Wiz… Come on man… Let’s do this It’s a Braveheart party y’all C’mon [Chorus […]

Hate Me Now – Nas

Its been a long time been a long time comin’ Looks like the death of me now But you know, […]

Street Dreams – Nas

Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics “;Sweet Dreams”;) Street dreams are made of these Niggaz push Beemers and 300 E’s A […]

Suspect – Nas

[Nas] It was a murder Jake just hit the corner people swarming Three in the morning I jumped out my […]

My Country – Nas

[Chorus 2X] My country shitted on me (My country) She wants to get rid of me (Naw, never) Cause the […]

You Owe Me – Nas

Uh, it’s real, it’s real, it’s real Uh, uh, owe me back, uh shorty Shorty, what up, huh? Come on […]

Shootouts – Nas

Besides the Henny, it’s eyes that’s seen plenty Fiends get skinny as if Queens was a Craig Jenny Instead of […]

Rewind – Nas

Pull up a chair hon’ and put it in the air son Dog, whatever they call you, god, just listen […]

The Message – Nas

Your luck low, I didn’t know til I was drunk though You freak niggaz played out, get fucked and ate […]

K-I-SS-I-N-G – Nas

I remember the first time girl you and me f-u-c-k-i-n-g Repeat She was the modern Isis, honey dog, she was […]

Big Girl – Nas

(You’re a big girl now) Fully grown with your hormones now Got your own home and you alone Wanna bone, […]

Big Girl – Nas

(You’re a big girl now) Fully grown with your hormones now Got your own home and you alone Wanna bone, […]

The World Is Yours – Nas

Chorus: Nas, Pete Rock [PR] Whose world is this? [Nas] The world is yours, the world is yours [PR] It’s […]

One Love – Nas

what up kid? i know shit is rough doing your bid when the cops came you shoulda slid to my […]

Undying Love – Nas

Uh.. Pacino life, G a roll, casino dice at the Mirage, Vegas strip, neon lights Gamblers, puffin cigars, couples and […]

2nd Childhood – Nas

“;Cause when I flow the for the street..”; – “;.. who else could it be”; “;Nas..”; [Nas] Yo Explode, my […]

New World – Nas

It’s a new world, it’s a new world Uh, it’s a new world, it’s a new world Yo, celebrate the […]

Nas Is Coming – Nas

[Dre] AHHHHHHH! [Nas] Whassup my nigga? [Dre] Sup NAS? [Nas] Chillin God [Dre] Niggaz is up in here hittin some […]

Affirmative Action – Nas

This is what… this what they want huh? This is what it’s all about.. What? Time to take Affirmative Action […]

Live Nigga Rap – Nas

[P] I shot the motherfucker back [H] Right out the ass son [P] For niggaz don’t know how to act […]

Quiet Niggas – Nas

Theres a lot of real niggas out there Theres a lot of real niggas everywhere Thats why you don’t fuck […]

I Gave You Power – Nas

Damn! Look how muh-fuckers use a nigga Just use me for whatever the fuck they want I don’t get to […]

The Outcome – Nas

Global warming between my legs, screams against the waves Gave birth to thirteen daughters, so now we never run out […]

Nastradamus – Nas

Uh, 2000 G Yo, I need an encore y’all, you should welcome me back You wanna ball till you fall, […]

Every Ghetto – Nas

[Verse 1 (Nas)] Blessings in life to the children They say life is like 5 days Words of a old […]

Nas Is Like – Nas

[Nas] Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby’s bein born Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end […]

One Mic – Nas

One time.. yeah.. yeah.. Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage One nigga front, my face […]

The Flyest – Nas

[AZV] Peace king [Nas] Peace king [AZV] Listen, they wrote a book on your life [Nas] Right [AZV] You think […]

What Goes Around – Nas

Ayo its poison, ecstacy, coke You say its love, it is poison Schools where I learned they should be burned, […]

The Prediction – Nas

What’s happenin brothers and sisters? Welcome to our time [Jessica Care Moore] Afro-Angels hide my weapons in tangles Black Star […]

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