Divination – Nasty Savage

Eight forces of change Hidden knowledge you gain Time present, time past Are both here in the future Problems of life Through divine chanels The meling of opposites The purpose remains Symbolize the shimmering water The wheel of the law It’s destiny Rejoice with neither fear nor favor The inquisior’s art work is not what […]

Hypnotic Trance – Nasty Savage

Hello my friend relax comfortably in your seat Look into the spiral Don’t let nothing else distract you As you watch you become very sleeply Even thuogh you hear every word I say You’re in a hypnotic trance Stay asleep till I ack you to awaken Now’s the time to expierence your unconscious mind I […]

Inferno – Nasty Savage

solo – Ben, Dave Poles lie twisted in the ruins of Warsaw’s shattered line The Wermacht’s strenth has left it’s mark with lightening speed and power The West responds uneasily to face another war The Axis lords plan their assaults for their territory gains From frozen arctie wastes the battle rages in the in it’s […]