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Evacuate The Earth – Nasum

Evacuate the earth! What else can we do? Evacuate the earth! Time is running short… No time for repentance, no time for regret – just leave this forsaken ground The dream about the utopia is just an inversion of the truth Succumb – the horror, invoke – the end Evacuate the earth! End all while […]

Old And Tired? – Nasum

Giving up, eating shit, dropping out Your whole life, your old ideals, caving in But you don’t know that you still serve a purpose As an ugly example to all mankind But you don’t know that you still serve a purpose Although you are too weak to fight Old and tired? That’s pure shit Your […]

NдR Dagarna… – Nasum

Inget att fГrlora Det Дr dags att ge igen Ombytta roller nu Vi skiter i fГrskiktighet Vi har allt att vinna Det finns ingen risk som Дr fГr stor Flera tusen offer дr inte mЕnga nog NДr dagarna Дr rДknade Och efterskalven har ebbat ut… Sitter dДr sЕ jДvla hГga pЕ er egen girighet Ni […]

A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air – Nasum

Now the balance is set We’re changing foot from left to right Eager and with false hope We gave them our trust Speech on speech Lies on top of lies Empty Promises The guys are having such a blast…. But nothing’s changed It is just a different set of lies Nothing’s changed It is just […]

The Black Swarm – Nasum

Excessive cleansing Washing away the blood from your shaking hands Coughing up filth It’s like nothing is clean when your mind still is dirty The swarm is near… Panic’s rising by a buzzing sound Pushes you into states of regression A black swarm piercing through your skin Flying high with flies Sick, turning sicker It […]