Hold On – Natalie Cole

You know, of all the things in the world I’d miss It would probably be music and love They say […]

Keep Smiling – Natalie Cole

Keep smiling, keep smiling, keep smiling, keep right on smiling I know sometimes your whole world seems blue Seems like […]

Your Eyes – Natalie Cole

Do you realize that I could see the windows of the world through your eyes? Pretty eyes (Da, da, da, […]

Mr. Melody – Natalie Cole

Hey, Mr. Melody, you’re on my mind constantly And I think of you the whole day long Hey, Mr. Melody, […]

Inseparable – Natalie Cole

Inseparable, thatЎЇs how weЎЇll always be, Inseparable, just you and me ItЎЇs so wonderful to know youЎЇll always be around […]

La Costa – Natalie Cole

Picture yourself on the sea of a setting sun The salty air and the taste of your lover’s hair Inside […]

Annie Mae – Natalie Cole

(Hoo, hoo, hoo) Mmm (hoo, hoo, hoo) Growing up wasn’t easy for Annie Mae (Hoo, hoo, hoo) A little girl […]

Joey – Natalie Cole

Joey—, Joey—- Joey, where are you going Where will you sleep tonight Will you be alright Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh […]

Dangerous – Natalie Cole

Da, da, da, da, da, da dangerous Da, da, da, dan, da, dangerous All my friends say he’s much too […]

Lovers – Natalie Cole

(Lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers, everywhere) Everywhere I go, in every face I see the sign of love Shining so brightly, […]

The Gift – Natalie Cole

Every captain must steer the wheel, Not by choice but from the voice That’s in his ear, I have lived […]

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