Sophisticated Lady – Natalie Cole

Sophisticated lady, sophisticated lady She’s a different lady with a different style She stands tall and steady like the Eiffel Tower She is hip to politics but loves her jazz She’s got lots of rhythm she’s got lots of class Everybody knows how she got her name, yeah Oh, ha, she wears knee length dresses […]

Needing You – Natalie Cole

Needing you, wanting you, I just don’t know what I’m gonna do To tell the truth it just ain’t no use, my mind ain’t strong enough To forget about you, oh baby, hey, here I am trying to be proud Trying to fool myself with this unreal smile, telling everyone That I no longer cling […]

Lovers – Natalie Cole

(Lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers, everywhere) Everywhere I go, in every face I see the sign of love Shining so brightly, its in the air, its everywhere, I can feel it in my bones People holding hands, making love, really, really getting it on I’m crazy ’bout lovers, beautiful lovers, everywhere Yeah, yeah, lovers, beautiful lovers, […]

Someone That I Used To Love – Natalie Cole

When I wake up each morning trying to find myself And if I’m ever the least unsure I always remind myself Though your someone in this world that I’ll always choose to love From now on you’re only someone that I used to love As for me it’s getting down to the last unspoken part […]

The Gift – Natalie Cole

Every captain must steer the wheel, Not by choice but from the voice That’s in his ear, I have lived long and I’ve done much wrong But I’ve survived through my lies, I’m still here, so all you people Know what I say is true, that I’m here because of you, I have lived on […]

Pink Cadillac – Natalie Cole

You may think I’m fooling For the foolish things I do You may wonder how come I love you When you get on my nerves like you do Well baby, you know you bug me There ain’t no secret about that Well come on over here and hug me And, baby, I’ll spill the facts […]

Peaceful Living – Natalie Cole

Have you been to the very top of the highest hill Where the air is fresh and sweet and the sky is so clear Looking out on the country side and the view of the villages so far away There is nothing to feel, nothing to feel Come with me, won’t you take my hand […]

I Live For Your Love – Natalie Cole

Stand up, stand on your own, thatЎЇs what they tell me You can make it alone, but where does it say I have to move Far away from you to prove IЎЇm strong, Oh when all it really proves is IЎЇm lonely without you And loneliness has to be wrong, I live for your love, […]

Split Decision – Natalie Cole

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Oh, yeah Doo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Mm, hmm Who’s gonna take the blame tomorrow If we break up tonight If we break up Who’s gonna stop this stupid war That nobody’s gonna win The jury’s still out on us Split decision, split in two […]

Everlasting – Natalie Cole

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Woh, woh, oh, oh Everlasting, what a feeling Just to know the love we’ve got is Everlasting, and never ending Is all I need to keep on givin’ I was just an average girl Playing the field, hoping For someone to come into my world Someone not afraid to look into […]

I’m Catching Hell – Natalie Cole

If you’ve got a good man, you’d better keep him, Oh I know you’re saying right now, what does she know Who is she to tell me about my situation, well, I don’t know your situation But whatever it is, you should try to stay together You know that big argument that you had the […]

When I Fall In Love – Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole: Lead & Background Vocals (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) When I fall in love it will be forever Or I’ll never fall in love In a restless world such as this is Love has ended before it’s begun And too many moonlight kisses Seem to cool […]

Beautiful Dreamer – Natalie Cole

Beautiful dreamer, you are like magic to me ‘Cause you share all your love And your life and your love is so fine in my life It’s just what I’ve been looking for Searching for and you care Beautiful dreamer, not an illusion to me You know I can tell by the way that you’ve […]

Still In Love – Natalie Cole

Baby, baby I want you Baby, and I need you I’m still in love with you Even though you’re not with me You never once left my mind I guess I’m still in love with you, ooh, ooh— You seem so unreal to me Why can’t I set you free Instead I carry you around […]

Our Love – Natalie Cole

And if we keep this love, we will last through all eternity Just the way we are, I love it, love it, It’s just the way it should be Cuz our love will stand tall as the trees Our love will spread wide as the sea Our love will shine bright in the night Like […]

Heaven Is With You – Natalie Cole

(Hoo—) (Doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo) (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (Heaven is with you and I’m glad I’m with you tonight) Just a little bit of heaven (Heaven is with you and I’m glad I’m with you tonight) […]

Keeping A Light – Natalie Cole

Hey, did you happen to see my sweet baby? He was walkin on down the road Tell him for me that if you see him tonight Everything is alright ‘Cause I know how he gets when he’s low Oh, he’s a beautiful man Kinda hard to understand but He’s the only good man that I […]

You – Natalie Cole

Oh, Baby, sssss, oh, it’s so good, hm, umm, Umm, umm, umm, umm, umm, hm, get it, Baby, get it You’ve been with me through the hardest times And you’ve kept my heart, body, soul and mind together (You, you, you) It’s been us two against the world It ain’t been easy but we sho’ […]

A Little Bit Of Heaven – Natalie Cole

The last guest has gone I can tell you’re as thankful as I A good time was had by all And a little wine I know by that look (Hmm) You’ve got other things on your mind And I can’t resist that sign So turn out the lights and close the door We need the […]

This Will Be – Natalie Cole

Oh, oh, Ooh, oh, oh, yeh Hm, Hm, hm, hm, hm This will be an everlasting love This will be the one IЎЇve waited for This will be the first time anyone has loved me Oh, oh, oh IЎЇm so glad you found me in time And IЎЇm so glad that youЎЇve rectified my mind […]

Just Can’t Stay Away – Natalie Cole

Here I am baby, right back in your arms, yeah What is it ’bout your love that draws me to you And though this is not the first time I’ve ever wanted to get away, no Oh, but the magic of your love just would not let me stray So I find that I just […]