Performer NAZARETH

Juicy Lucy – Nazareth

Every time that I think itЎЇs a change ThereЎЇs no place left to hide This must be for real This […]

Sweetheart Tree – Nazareth

On loveЎЇs painful games IЎЇve called too many times on a sweetheart tree Lady lost now I count the cost […]

Sad Song – Nazareth

Every song I sing’s a sad song, Every note seems out of key, Every line I write falls out of […]

Hire And Fire – Nazareth

She was sayinЎЇ lots of nothing She was none too bright But youЎЇll listen much to anythinЎЇ When anythinЎЇs in […]

Lift The Lid – Nazareth

Here I am, sitting on my porch ThinkinЎЇ my life has got to be beyond reproach Have I forgot some […]

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