Performer NAZARETH

I Ran – Nazareth

But whatЎЇs the difference Call me friend, what you calling for You couldnЎЇt take me as I am But that […]

Victoria – Nazareth

And still want more of ya! It’s been a long time now since high school days But when I’m with […]

Miss Misery – Nazareth

It’s the same old situation Empty days and lonely nights Filled with bitterness and frustration. Walking lonely in the cold […]

Moon Dance – Nazareth

I live a long, forgotten shadow Love with the morning goes And what to do I just donЎЇt know The […]

Holiday – Nazareth

Gonna have me a holiday Poorman’s party, rich man’s daughter, Gettin’ hotter and hotter. She’s pushin’ way too hard I […]

Loretta – Nazareth

Lovely Loretta I’d like to know you better Sure would like to know what’s Goin’ on in your head Sweet […]

Cover Your Heart – Nazareth

ItЎЇs gettinЎЇ hard to hold, itЎЇs hurtinЎЇ deep inside LivinЎЇ for no-one, given no space to run ThereЎЇs gotta be […]

Flying – Nazareth

Here I am flying Looking down at mother earth below Above me only blue skies Below me is a cotton […]

Mexico – Nazareth

One more word that bites the dust on some bar room floor I’m the man who travels ’round doing… Hey, […]

Gatecrash – Nazareth

And we don’t care if we ain’t got no invite We don’t care if our face don’t fit Gonna grab […]

Homesick Again – Nazareth

Sad to be alone Your only comfort is the telephone Homesick again Thoughts of far away Silence is the only […]

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