Performer NAZARETH

Games – Nazareth

You’re the son of the neighborhood strays You can walk in your prison for days But you’ll never get anywhere […]

In My Time – Nazareth

In my life there’s places I’ve seen, Places I’ve been in my life. In my life there’s things I have […]

The Key – Nazareth

Open up the door Let me in your heart Give me the key YouЎЇre the only one IЎЇll ever want […]

Star – Nazareth

Wond’rin if I will see you again In some corner light Runnin’ down the road in the warm sun Dreaming […]

Cheerleader – Nazareth

All the way back down She’s not playin’, she knows what she’s doin’ And the word’s out on the town […]

My White Bicycle – Nazareth

Riding all around the street Four o’clock and they’re all asleep I’m not tired and it’s so late Moving fast […]

Madelaine – Nazareth

Standing watching a pale blue moon, Rising slowly in the winter sky, Waiting, hoping she’ll be home soon, And I […]

Whiteboy – Nazareth

Send him on down to slave on the farms Steal his land, rob his soul Send him on down to […]

Fat Man – Nazareth

Fat man at the window Bet you know why Fat man at the window Nobody wants to buy Fat man, […]

Dear John – Nazareth

You came ’round today You never even knocked on my door Your note tried to say That you don’t love […]

Cry Wolf – Nazareth

ScreaminЎЇ too loud And I canЎЇt hear a word you say Look out, way too late SunЎЇs going down And […]

On The Run – Nazareth

Lookin’ for a friend you can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that When you’re on the […]

Whippin’ Boy – Nazareth

Missed my turn around Trains, got to break away Got to leave today ThereЎЇs nothinЎЇ gonna stop me From runninЎЇ […]

Freewheeler – Nazareth

all rights reserved. yellow dog music in canada and u. s.) I’m a freewheeler, an underground dealer The kind of […]

Greens – Nazareth

My woman was warm, kisses oh so sweet Wanted to stay but I had to go Headed for the factory, […]

Juliet – Nazareth

See the boy with the aching smile Empty love’s burned out traces See them walking down midnight mile Juliet look […]

Party Down – Nazareth

Got to find a new place where I can hide from the rain IЎЇll wait for the weekend to get […]

Railroad Boy – Nazareth

Tellin’ me I gotta move along Coast to coast gonna steal highway Railroad boy up in the guiding daybreak Get […]

Animals – Nazareth

I canЎЇt see nothin else all I can see is you I donЎЇt care what they say about my state […]

Big Boy – Nazareth

With a smile on his face The school kids would give me some gin If I would let them in […]

Ruby Tuesday – Nazareth

And yesterday donЎЇt matter if itЎЇs gone When the sun is bright Or on the darkest night No one knows…….she […]

Steamroller – Nazareth

Here she come, right on time Tenement mixer, givin? the hard line Hammerin? down walls of steel Permanent fixer, it’s […]

Bad Bad Boy – Nazareth

And IЎЇm gonna steal your love Said IЎЇm a bad, bad, boy And IЎЇm gonna steal your love Come take […]

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