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Cinema – Nazareth

You can have boys and boys You can have sex and violence You can have space age toys You can have anything that you think will fit As long as it’s box office, as long as it’s a hit Cinema, cinema You can have birdmen and snowmen You can have women in red Hero taxi […]

Busted – Nazareth

And I’m busted Cotton is down to a quarter a pound But I’m busted I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won’t lay A big stack of bills that gets bigger each day The county’s gonna haul my belongings away ‘Cause I’m busted. I went to my brother to ask for […]

Holy Roller – Nazareth

Where you think you know All the answers Arrogance and pride….are sin Better look to your, own chances chorus: Holy roller can you save your own soul Can you save your own soul Holy roller Standin’, up for jesus That’s your thing But you’re standin’ on peoples hearts Charity is a virtue To be praised […]

Simple Solution (Parts 1 & 2) – Nazareth

I got problems of my own on the way Look you now, where the locusts abound Pray they don’t feed on your sacred ground Vibrations, are burning my hands Slowly walking, stalking through these crazy lands Defending the need, with a silent scream For another time, for another dream Jack boots, hi-jacks Ray guns and […]

Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – Nazareth

You got stories you got boyfriends to tease Money to burn You got everythin’ you need Clever girl, never girl Talkin’ ’bout love Rio de Janeiro on your daddy’s card Party invitations you don’t find it hard Lovers to burn Matches in your book Cruiser girl, user girl Talkin’ ’bout love, talkin’ ’bout love Talkin’ […]

Everytime It Rains – Nazareth

No reason when youЎЇre living a lie DonЎЇt tell me what I already know IЎЇm living memories of long ago I fool myself, I deny it all Wanna hide it away Lost moments never caring enough I was never good at playing it tough Still living in my own little world Still believing youЎЇre the […]

Alcatraz – Nazareth

IЎЇm lookinЎЇ for some spare change A coast guard ship has been lookinЎЇ for me And I might have to change my name Here comes Uncle Sam again with the same old bag of beans The local chiefЎЇs on the radio HeЎЇs got some hungry mouths to feed Goin back to Alcatraz Lay me back […]

Turning A New Leaf – Nazareth

Born a mistake Learned fast the golden rule Never give, just take Did no favors, gave no quarter You all know the story ’bout The lamb’s broadway slaughter. Turning a new leaf Turning a new leaf Turning a new leaf Street wise, cat’s eye’s Showbusiness smile Lookin’ for today’s mark On the golden mile Book […]

What’s In It For Me – Nazareth

Stick by you through thick or thin What’s in it for me What’s in it for me? You’d like me to deal you in Hold your hand right to the end What’s in it for me What’s in it for me? You want me to be your friend You want me and you want him […]

Love Leads To Madness – Nazareth

I’ll go antwhere you say you wanna to take me Save me, run away-ay-ay, steal away-ay-ay ‘Cause I feel alright I’ll do anything you say you wanna make me Take me, far away-ay-ay, run away-ay-ay We’ve been up all night Tryin’ to avoid a situation Hold me, let me feel your way ‘Cause I wanna […]

Cat’s Eye, Apple Pie – Nazareth

Cat’s eye, apple pie, what am I going to do, The woman I loved walked out on me, What am I going to do. Hound dog, bull frog, she just up and gone, The woman I love has done me wrong, What am I going to do. Green beans, blackeyed peas, What am I going […]

Shapes Of Things – Nazareth

Just teach me to despise Will time make men more wise? Here within my lonely frame My eyes just hurt my brain But will it seem the same? Come tomorrow, will I be older? Come tomorrow, may be a soldier Come tomorrow, may I be bolder than today? Now the trees are almost green But […]

Why Don’t You Read The Book – Nazareth

When heЎЇs flyinЎЇ DonЎЇt smile at the soldier HeЎЇs on parade DonЎЇt come creeping round, youЎЇll Catch me cryinЎЇ No more talkinЎЇ Ў®bout it ItЎЇs all been said You drawn such a fine line baby LearninЎЇ all the rules Why donЎЇt ya read between them sometimes You wonЎЇt look such a fool Why donЎЇt you […]

Open Up Woman – Nazareth

But it’s gonna take a miracle ‘Cos I’ve been lyin’ She don’t wanna know and I think it’s impossible Said open up woman I know that you’re sad and lonely If I could hold you We could make it again Listen all you men Be good and be warned Hell hath no fury Like the […]

Desolation Road – Nazareth

Lord I lost my way I couldn’t breathe her name You know she’s after my life Lately I’m stickin’ to drinkin’ And I’m headed down desolation road Habit – a – growin’ Set it up just right I do away my life On a turn of the dice Lately I’m runnin’ and hidin’ Slidin’ down […]

Local Still – Nazareth

And theyЎЇre sayinЎЇ youЎЇve had enough But you want another drink Good old north or southern stuff YouЎЇre a boy from way down south Folks from the old north And itЎЇs friday night ItЎЇs party night for you King George he sent the excise men The yankee revenuers It donЎЇt matter what they try TheyЎЇll […]

Dream On – Nazareth

Though it’s hard to tell Though you’re foolin’ yourself Dream on You can hide away There is nothing to say, so dream on Dream on Though it’s hard to tell Though you’re foolin’ yourself, dream on You can laugh at me because I’m crying You can tell your friends how much I begged you to […]

Boys In The Band – Nazareth

Hey, boy, haven’t you heard the news No one can fight more than these boys No one can bite more than these boys Hey, hose, who do you want to know Hey, punk, get off my case and go No one can fix more than these boys No one can kick more than these boys […]

Let Me Be Your Leader – Nazareth

Let me have control The way I see it It’s got to be right for you I could be your pilot Through the stormy seas The way you see it It’s just a case of trust in me I could be your hero I’ll be your piece of mind The way that I see it […]

Preservation – Nazareth

Lookin’ in the mirror I’m preserving my life, I can take it Shinin’ in the spotlight Preservation, lookin’ in the mirror Preservation, but they don’t know that I’m scrapin’ it all off Every night I’m reserving my rights, reputation Livin’ in a movie, it’s keepin’ me lookin’ right When the secret is out to the […]

The King Is Dead – Nazareth

I have not come to worship you Only flowers at your throne I have not come to plead or beg Or to claim what is my own Oh I know you are the king And you’ll say what is wrong I have come to cut you down And to leave your body dead You do […]

Helpless – Nazareth

Dream comfort memory despair And in my mind I still need a place to hide All my changes were there Blue blue windows behind the stars Yellow moon on the rise Big birds flying across the skies Casting shadows in our eyes Leave us helpless helpless helpless helpless Helpless helpless they leave me now Helpless […]

Sold My Soul – Nazareth

But I guess they didnЎЇt hear My sacrfice was useless My pleas fell on deaf ears So I cried in desperation Bowed to evil sorcery I looked to the Lord in heaven But he must have looked away My crying eyes repentant Please send her love to light my day So I cried in desperation […]

Road To Nowhere – Nazareth

But now I can see that it just ainЎЇt no good Our love it has wasted Right down to the core Whatever we had We donЎЇt have anymore YouЎЇve got to get off a road to nowhere YouЎЇve got to get off a road to nowhere Well I tried and I tried to make things […]

Guilty – Nazareth

Shouldn’t come by anymore But I found myself in trouble darlin’ And I have no place else to go. I got some whiskey, from a bottle Got some cocaine, from a friend And I had to keep on movin’ darlin’ Till I was back in your arms again. And I’m guilty, I am guilty And […]

Nothing So Good – Nazareth

As a Sunday morning When the day is dawnin? Kinda makes you feel good There ain’t nothing so fine As a lazy weekend Just hangin’ out with your best friend There ain’t nothing so good There ain’t nothing so good as a good time There’s nothing so right as the right time I said please? […]

Wild Honey – Nazareth

Mama IЎЇm tellinЎЇ you as sure as IЎЇm standinЎЇ here SheЎЇs my girl and thatЎЇs the way IЎЇm keepinЎЇ it my mama dear No good will it do you to stand there and frown at me The girlЎЇs got my heart and my loveЎЇs cominЎЇ down on me Last time I met her since I […]

God Save The South – Nazareth

Sweat glistened on the reverend’s chin His mohair suit was shinin’ He told us all about sin It could be wall to wall in Wall Street We could be livin’ hand to mouth Jesus loved a yankee But God saved the south Across the street in the pool hall Bubba put the eight ball down […]

Talk Talk – Nazareth

Dancin’ in the twilight zone Dreamin’ of a spotlight Don’t wanna go back home Joe and his buddies are hangin’ around Bad reputation all over the town All they ever gonna do Is talk, talk, talk, talk Lucy and Debbie and Donna and Joyce Bad reputation the same as the boys All they ever wanna […]

Rip It Up – Nazareth

Burnin? up with the flames gettin? higher Rip it up, rip it up good Rip it up like you know you really should We never have to say a thing to one another The band is hot ‘n? there playing it like a mother Rip it up, rip it up good Rip it up like […]

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