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Thinkin’ Man’s Nightmare – Nazareth

She got quicksand bridal wear IЎЇm her beach-ballinЎЇ dan dare She feels so good Owner sensational SheЎЇs a mona-wailinЎЇ wall Alligator chainsaw Feels so good I didnЎЇt get where I am today GivinЎЇ a dawn about judgement day Mat be first in line when thereЎЇs hell to pay But IЎЇm a grinninЎЇ-sinninЎЇ in a million […]

Turn On Your Receiver – Nazareth

all rights reserved. yellow dog music in canada and u. s.) Turn on your receiver, I’m gonna lat it on the line ‘Cause I’m a great believer, in hangin’ on to what is mine So come over here and listen, I don’t want you to be missin’ What I say And I ain’t gonna waste […]

Somebody To Roll – Nazareth

GoinЎЇ out, got some time to use Baby, baby, baby, I just canЎЇt lose TruckinЎЇ round from town to town Got to get my rocks off the ground Going up, IЎЇve been down so long All I need is just one good song Take me out of this dead end gig Get my shot at […]

Freewheeler – Nazareth

all rights reserved. yellow dog music in canada and u. s.) I’m a freewheeler, an underground dealer The kind of guy you never get to know So you can quit thinking about stoppin’ my drinkin’ You know I’ll go the road I choose to go I’m a freewheeler, living undercover When things get hot I […]

Gimme What’s Mine – Nazareth

Come on say what’s on your mind Tell me one way or the other I ain’t got much time Gimme what’s mine, gimme what’s mine Well I don’t want you to be wastin’ All my lovin’ or my time So I got to know the story I know we can be so fine Please gimme […]

Greens – Nazareth

My woman was warm, kisses oh so sweet Wanted to stay but I had to go Headed for the factory, made myself some dough chorus: I said greens is what I mean Well it don’t keep ya warm as lovin’ But it sure pays for that fun in between Got me some new wheels bright […]

Red Light Lady – Nazareth

Down at the house with the red light She works from seven til dawn You’ll find her there any time that you like Some days a week she’ll be on Down at the house with the red light I was a boy not to sure of myself When I was first taken down Down to […]

Juliet – Nazareth

See the boy with the aching smile Empty love’s burned out traces See them walking down midnight mile Juliet look what love has done to you Juliet love has made a fool of you Watch them dancing on a frozen ocean See them skate where the ice is thin Empty love that’s a cold emotion […]

Back To The Trenches – Nazareth

Getting gunned down in the streets Shown to us on our prime time screens For our tea time treat Lunatics we voted for denying Everything that they swore We sit around and shout about it But we don’t do nothing more Drafted for police action But they decided on a war Telling us we were […]

I Don’t Want To Go On Without You – Nazareth

I donЎЇt want to Go on without you ItЎЇs so bad to be alone Oh baby come home I need you My room is so blue I keep seeinЎЇ your face Oh, every place Here in the gloom Of my lonely room I hold her memories And smell her sweet perfume I canЎЇt stand to […]

Party Down – Nazareth

Got to find a new place where I can hide from the rain IЎЇll wait for the weekend to get wasted and then Gonna get on up so I can fall down again Party down…party down….party down This world is crazy, everybody party down You bring the bottle baby IЎЇll bring the glass IЎЇll be […]

You Love Another – Nazareth

No more to give she said I can’t forgive she said You love another, you love another Can’t live alone she said Left off the phone she said Can’t face the storm she said You love another, you love another Don’t make me cry she said Just let me die she said Kiss me goodbye […]

Railroad Boy – Nazareth

Tellin’ me I gotta move along Coast to coast gonna steal highway Railroad boy up in the guiding daybreak Get no sleep in a boxcar Get no piece of line They catch you jumpin’ a freight train They give you such a hard time Movin’ fast as my time runs out Coal is something I […]

Whatever You Want Babe – Nazareth

You don’t need a key If you don’t wanna come by no more I’ll set you free Whatever you want babe Whatever you need Just as long as you know babe What you’re doin’ to me What you’re doin’ to me If you wanna say it’s a day I won’t disagree I would never stand […]

Telegram, Pts. 1 & 4 – Nazareth

Sent a telegram today Tomorrow youЎЇll be on your way Could be Memphis or L. A. No questions just get out and play. Wake up call to catch the plane You know youЎЇre on the road again SomeoneЎЇs banginЎЇ in your head Why did you get so late to bed. RunninЎЇ late and feelinЎЇ bad […]

Animals – Nazareth

I canЎЇt see nothin else all I can see is you I donЎЇt care what they say about my state of mind I know whatЎЇs good for me and you are just my kind We are animals We are animals We are animals We are animals I know what I want I want you Shed […]

Big Boy – Nazareth

With a smile on his face The school kids would give me some gin If I would let them in They were shaking all over Ran into a friend with a lonely lady on his arm Woke up in my garage, I was holding my own Can’t remember where I’d been I was aching all […]

Ruby Tuesday – Nazareth

And yesterday donЎЇt matter if itЎЇs gone When the sun is bright Or on the darkest night No one knows…….she comes and goes chorus: Goodbye ruby tuesday Who could hang a name on you When you change with every new day Still IЎЇm gonna miss you No question why she needs to be so free […]

Kentucky Fried Blues – Nazareth

I got no time to sleep I got a truck full of stuff Should’ve been there last week I’ve been livin’ in truck stops My body feels used Got the hamburger that’s right, yeah The kentucky fried blues Flyin’ high in my cab Got my foot on the gas Got to get there tonight Showin’ […]

Bring It Home To Mama – Nazareth

She knows all my felonies She got the moves to-a-make me tremble She’s got me on my knees She’s got life-time guarantees ‘Ain’t got no time for my innuendos I don’t mind if you make a dime baby Bring it on home to mama Bump ‘n? grind in your own time baby Bring it on […]

Just To Get Into It – Nazareth

She knows that I don’t care I could mistreat and bad mouth that woman Turn around and she’d be there She ain’t got no pride she don’t even try to hide What she does It’s a buzz To be seen in your limosine She’ll do strange bedroom scenes She likes rock’n’ roll, she would give […]

Steamroller – Nazareth

Here she come, right on time Tenement mixer, givin? the hard line Hammerin? down walls of steel Permanent fixer, it’s a bad sign She’s runnin? right over you Ain’t no way to control her…steamroller Can’t figure you out, she’s big trouble Soul-contractor, makin? your pain pay double Don’t wanna know, ’bout no last chance Outa […]

You Gad It Comin’ – Nazareth

You got on the attack But some never had a chance in hell Cos you were on their back The news spread like a holiday ‘Bout your “accident? No roses, no wish you wells That ain’t money well spent I wanna know what you were thinkin As your walls came down Surprised eyes of your […]

Bad Bad Boy – Nazareth

And IЎЇm gonna steal your love Said IЎЇm a bad, bad, boy And IЎЇm gonna steal your love Come take me to your house Then IЎЇm gonna rip you off Well I made my first kill With the old town girl She was the apple of her daddyЎЇs eye Well that woman looked up at […]

Child In The Sun – Nazareth

.all rights reserved. yellow dog music in canada and u. s.) I am just a child in the sun Just another soul on the run One more of your unwanted sons Tell me where can I go I had a line I tried for a while Now I’m walkin’ mile after mile On my face […]

Lover Man – Nazareth

Gotta love the feel of the automobile You get a certain style when you’re so mobile And responsibility you can avoid that trial Walkin’ on the wild side Lookin’ at the down side Just a little crazy Got a kind of strange pride Standin’ at the back door, mercy me Ain’t no place for the […]

No Mean City (Parts 1 & 2) – Nazareth

Red eyes staring me out Strange feelings comin’ down tonight Can’t quite figure it out Fit your alibi before your crime No need in serving no time Case you scam, or you’ll get rammed Stretched out on that line Hangin’ out at a shooting site Cold turkey calling a tune All the answers coming late […]

Talkin’ To One Of The Boys – Nazareth

I look at my score, experience none Tossed a coin when I was seventeen I got the ice, you got the cream All that you see is stanger than fiction All that you do defies all description And you worry about your lack of existence Then by all means go crazy Talkin’ to one of […]

Fool About You – Nazareth

Sometimes I feel I’ve been hung on a line, Wasting my time, Sometimes I feel I’ve been hung upside down, You turned me around just a fool about you. Sometimes I feel I’ve been left on the moon, Fed with a spoon, Sometimes I feel like a dog with no bone, Or a toad with […]

One From The Heart – Nazareth

And still she’s on her own I’ve seen those tears before, I’ve seen her heart break She knows what it means to be alone There must be another way to spend her life While she is waiting She knows the dangers there, these love affairs Run hot, run cold and always take their toll It’s […]

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