Performer NAZARETH

Friends – Nazareth

Pull up a chair friend There ain’t nobody here friend But the people you need Roll yourself a joint friend […]

Good Love – Nazareth

Good luck, don’t hang around me I been down so long I can’t see Need something that’s gonna set me […]

Hit The Fan – Nazareth

Why do you keep this hangin’ on Pack up your bags and run for cover Say what you mean and […]

Dressed To Kill – Nazareth

And our cars are glistenin’ The bear he roars in the east But we ain’t listenin’ We won’t play games […]

Spinning Top – Nazareth

How in the world do I make it stop ‘Round and ’round and faster still I’m gonna live till I […]

Trouble – Nazareth

Carrying forbidden cargo Gonna bring somebody lots a trouble ThereЎЇs a family out in Ohio Gonna step on it and […]

Demon Alcohol – Nazareth

Better guard your liquor like your own homestead Took it under cover, then we took it underground In temptation, we […]

Move Me – Nazareth

Silent ref’rence to defenses raised higher Than we’ll ever need The more we try, flame inside gets colder to the […]

Lady Luck – Nazareth

Said to love me she was born But that was Friday payday By Sunday she was gone So I drove […]

Beggar’s Day – Nazareth

If trust is misfortune, then wish me well While I think of sadness baby Your light shines through, your light […]

Waiting – Nazareth

Trainin’ ?I’ll never be your pet Dyin’, sighin’ You got me flyin’, cryin’ I’ve been waitin’ ?standing by your side […]

Razamanaz – Nazareth

You bring the wine, weЎЇll bring the weather We havenЎЇt come to be clever LetЎЇs make it now cause this […]

Crack Me Up – Nazareth

Hello, kimosabe, won’t you be so kind Tell all the fake facts jack, dirt n all How long’d it take […]

Down – Nazareth

A lesson I learned One more mistake to my cause One more hand got lost In a game So I […]

Fast Cars – Nazareth

She lives at the best hotels Big stars, She knows them all so well Lost loves, She’s had more than […]

Another Year – Nazareth

You missed that date And your horse can’t win So you drink another bottle of gin And your shares went […]

Love Hurts – Nazareth

love wounds, and marks, any heart, not tough, or strong, enough to take a lot of pain, take a lot […]

Light Comes Down – Nazareth

We’re gonna cuddle up close Gonna paint this town We’re gonna rub their noses Hey mama? wanna know Why I’m […]

Pop The Silo – Nazareth

The i. b. m.’s have already gone Talkin’s too late The future has ended now Can’t change our fate So […]

Vigilante Man – Nazareth

Have you seen that vigilante man Have you seen that vigilante man IЎЇve been hearinЎЇ his name all over this […]

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