Performer NAZZ

Hang On Paul – Nazz

There’s something on your face that even you can’t see It isn’t your eyes and it isn’t your nose You […]

Old Time Lovemaking – Nazz

Two is the price to make the style of the day Six days awaiting, now it’s together All that’s forgotten […]

Rain Rider – Nazz

I was born Apollo with the reins and the whip in my hand Where I take the ladies is something […]

Gonna Cry Today – Nazz

I wasn’t ever liable to give myself away But it sure doesn’t look like it makes a difference now So […]

Forget All About It – Nazz

No one’s changing enough to help you There’s something basically wrong Everywhere, we revolve out of our time And we […]

Only One Winner – Nazz

There is only one prize Whoever gets your heart is the winner There is only one winner I’m at war […]

See What You Can Be – Nazz

Things that you’re trying to hide When words slip up, you drag them under, making me stand outside But from […]

Magic Me – Nazz

But not around to see me plot the perfect crime It makes me dizzy thinking just what you might do […]

Kicks – Nazz

on that magic carpet ride last night When you wake up in the morning the world still gets you uptight […]

Meridian Leeward – Nazz

‘Til they shortened up my nose and they made me wear a wig I’m afraid the things on piggy farm […]

Lemming Song – Nazz

Trying to decide if I should live or die I forgot to leave a note on the mailbox so Said […]