Negative Darkness – Deceased

And the angel of sorrow will fly
Witness this horror unveiled, the story, this every day tale
The ending of precious mankind, as powerful darkness unwinds
It searched for man, to truth his fear
To haunt the night without a care
An act of evil, an act of shock
An ugly end, the fall of life
At one with death, black wreaths surround this evil game
Round and round, the reaper’s voice now calls your name
Negative darkness fills the air and grasps the soul
Fall from Earth and join the ranks of those before you
The chosen one, to complete fate
A life long fear, you won’t escape
The instant end, a murdered corpse
With eyes of tears, the loved ones cry
Negative darkness (negative), negative darkness (darkness)
Negative darkness (negative), darkness!!!
Negative darkness (negative), darkness!!!
Madly, drifting ghoul, you are the parasite

Lyric Negative Darkness – Deceased