Performer NELSON

Life – Nelson

Will go on without me Take it and you’ll see it doesn’t matter Life I know what your game is […]

Tell Me – Nelson

On a cold, foggy day I guess you didn’t know that I’d go so far away You knew there’d come […]

Ghostdance – Nelson

When my father called for his first born son Took me place at his side While this great chief raged […]

Try My Love – Nelson

Never got what you wanted Why Love, don’t you try my love? I’ve watched him tear you up girl I […]

The Judas Mirror – Nelson

Behind the veil but never again Will I ever betray myself surrender to a savior’s hell For seven years I’d […]

What About Me? – Nelson

There’s something that needs discussin’, You’ve been keeping inside you And it’s high time I know There’s no way to […]

Sooner Or Later – Nelson

A schoolboy’s sticky sweet dream And every woman’s nightmare She’ll bring a grown man to his knees And him cry […]

Tears Of Pain – Nelson

I can’t fight this feeling Lying in my cold, dark room alone In a dream I see your face You […]

Garden Party – Nelson

A chance to share old memories and play our songs again When I got to the garden party, they all […]

Why Oh Why? – Nelson

You are heroin in an armored vest You’re a plane crash – you are white trash You’re a rubber arrow […]

The Hunger – Nelson

The love I craved always starving me And what I’d taste turned to bittersweet Ooh-on and on I searched so […]

After The Rain – Nelson

YouЎЇre living in a fantasy, and you canЎЇt let go He never really loved you from the start The only […]

Stood Up – Nelson

Guess my baby’s got another date Stood up, broken-hearted, again I’ll bet she’s out havin’ a ball Not even thinkin’ […]

Everywhere I Go – Nelson

I told you that it wouldn’t be for long But it seems like a thousand years since I’ve been gone […]