Performer NELSON

She Loves Me – Nelson

I’m crossin’ my fingers I’m knockin’ on wood Feeling richer than a poor boy should It’s more than I deserve, […]

Won’t Walk Away – Nelson

Won’t walk away, walk away from you Whoa, from you The tears pour down in the nights spent awake Salvation […]

She Gets Down – Nelson

Her misbehavin’ pride and joy I’ll sin then she’ll punish me for my wicked ways I’ve disobeyed and now I’ve […]

Sunset Strip – Nelson

Is all I need to get me through I’m hypnotized when you take the stage Table dance my blues away […]

Life – Nelson

Will go on without me Take it and you’ll see it doesn’t matter Life I know what your game is […]

Tell Me – Nelson

On a cold, foggy day I guess you didn’t know that I’d go so far away You knew there’d come […]

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