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Sooner Or Later – Nelson

A schoolboy’s sticky sweet dream And every woman’s nightmare She’ll bring a grown man to his knees And him cry for mercy He could beg for her sweet wine But she’d leave him thirsty If you only knew what you’re missing You’d walk through fire for me I try to tell you baby – you […]

Tears Of Pain – Nelson

I can’t fight this feeling Lying in my cold, dark room alone In a dream I see your face You say you’re never leaving Then I wake up to find you’re gone Now, I know it’s true That only you can stop these Chorus: Tears of pain running down my face I’ll never be the […]

I Can Hardly Wait – Nelson

You just took advantage when I gave all I had to give After one too many battles I got tired of the fight Each time we were together was just like walking on thin ice CouldnЎЇt make it happen, no matter how I tried Decided itЎЇs impossible to keep you satisfied Our love was like […]

Garden Party – Nelson

A chance to share old memories and play our songs again When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name No one recognized me, I didn’t look the same CHORUS But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself […]

Why Oh Why? – Nelson

You are heroin in an armored vest You’re a plane crash – you are white trash You’re a rubber arrow through my chest So why oh why am I still in love with you? You’re a cartoon – you’re a bastard moon You’re the feathered throat that brought Rome to ruin You’re a sunburn – […]

The Hunger – Nelson

The love I craved always starving me And what I’d taste turned to bittersweet Ooh-on and on I searched so long A flag of white I flew ‘Till I found you You never stop giving me the hunger-never gonna fade away Oh-I never fought the spell you put me under Now I’ll never be the […]

She’s Way Too Cute For Him – Nelson

Solvin’ every problem in the world with a drink and an imitation Cuban cigar. When in walked an angel built for sin, On the arm of somethin’ that the cat drug in… M – hmm, she’s way too cute for him. That boy’s gotta have something But it’s nothin’ I can see Is it a […]

After The Rain – Nelson

YouЎЇre living in a fantasy, and you canЎЇt let go He never really loved you from the start The only thing he ever gave you was a broken heart DonЎЇt be afraid to lose what was never meant to be After the rain washes away the tears And all the pain Only after the rain […]

Stood Up – Nelson

Guess my baby’s got another date Stood up, broken-hearted, again I’ll bet she’s out havin’ a ball Not even thinkin’ of me at all Stood up, broken-hearted, again Well, I know just what I oughta do I oughta find somebody new But, baby, I couldn’t forget about you Stood up, broken-hearted, again –instrumental break– Why […]

She Said She’d Be Mine – Nelson

No one could fence me in That wedding vows were out of style And bands of gold don’t fit But She made me a believer when she said that she’d be mine With the words “;I do”; all my dreams came true (Since) she said she’d be mine it’s been good to be alive (Yeah, […]

Will You Love Me? – Nelson

(Our) hearts burning with a passion – whoa, it’s never felt so Right It was meant to last forever – but when I reached out you were Gone It’s taken time to mend this broken heart and forget you done me Wrong Break: Now you’re back after all this time You’ve rewakened all the feelings […]

Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) – Nelson

And so I come to you, my love, my heart above my head. Though I see the danger there If there’s a chance for me, then I don’t care Mm-mm-mm-mm Fools rush in where wise men never go But wise men never fall in love, so how are they to know? When we met, I […]

Say It Isn’t So – Nelson

So I surrendered the key to my heart I was sure we couldn’t miss But now I taste something strange in your kiss People are talkin’ lately sayin’ you’ve been messin’ around I don’t wanna believe it baby, but it’s all over town Chorus: They tell me you’ve got the devil in your soul Say […]

Everywhere I Go – Nelson

I told you that it wouldn’t be for long But it seems like a thousand years since I’ve been gone Oh, what I’d give to hold you in my arms Can’t you see how much I need you tonight I’m going crazy girl, can’t get you off of my mind Everyday that I live without […]

A Girl Like That – Nelson

When she smiles at him that way. But if she knew what he’s been up to I wonder what she’d say And it really makes me mad That he don’t know what he has Oh yeah, What I wouldn’t give to wake up in the arms of a girl like that Oh yeah, I was […]

Goin’ Goin’ Gone – Nelson

With a small town home grown boy like me My father’s father’s blood runs deep as his dreams that I still hold dear And hard days work – yeah, it gives me pride And my words are the fuel for the fire inside Of the heart that she outgrew like this town here Well, if […]

(Its Just) Desire – Nelson

Or the outline of your silhouette when you step into the light Is it in the things you say or the message in your eyes The urgency you feel from me, cannot be denied I wanted freedom, not some ball and chain But now I feel like giving in And I know whats to blame […]