Never Say Never – Ty England

I was doing all right
I was minding my business
Thinking to myself
What a great life this is
Cruising through the country

Rockin’ to the radio
I was through with love
All the fussing and fighting
It didn’t seem worth
The thunder and lightning
Made up my mind
I was living my life alone

Just when my head was getting clearer
Took a little glance in the rearview mirror
Did a double take
‘Cause I couldn’t believe my eyes
She was right on my bumper
In a drop top mustang
Long hair flying
Pulling in the fast lane
‘Cause I couldn’t let her pass me by

Well you never can say never
When it comes right down to love
Even if you say forever
You won’t ever ever get enough

Can’t count the times
I’ve been heart busted
Threw up my hands throughly disgusted
Swearing I was never
Gonna take that fall again
No sooner said then she turned the corner

Lyric Never Say Never – Ty England