New Faces In The Field – Ty England

The highway sign said the Georgia line
Was twenty miles away
So I thought I’d take a detour
And see the old home place
I could have found my way
With my eyes closed and in the dark
This ol’ dirt road ain’t on no map
I knew the way by heart

And the house still looks the same
Though the name on that ol’ mail box has been changed
And a tractor turn the earth
That my grandpa and a mule had plowed up first
As the memories return and my eye began to burn
This ol’ place has new faces in the fields

The rockin’ chairs on the font porch
Move from a sudden wind
It’s almost like my mom and dad
Were sittin’ there again
I hear my brother callin’ from
His favorite climbin’ tree
But I’m just hearin’ echoes
Of how it used to be

Lyric New Faces In The Field – Ty England