Performer NEW ORDER

Denial – New Order

In a light that is grey like the stain on my windows All of this is a gift, such a […]

All The Way – New Order

Or lecture me with poetry, and tell me that I can. I don’t remember what happened yesterday, I don’t give […]

Mr Disco – New Order

You don’t know just what I’ve been through. The holiday we spent together, Lives with me now and forever. I […]

Paradise – New Order

If you let me down, I will live in you forever I want you, I want you, I need you, […]

Perfect Kiss – New Order

Thinking hard about the weather Then came by a friend of mine Suggested we go out together Then I knew […]

Run – New Order

I can’t recall the day that I last heard from you. Well you don’t get a town like this for […]

Procession – New Order

I have seen your face But I don’t recognize all these things You must have kept behind It’s a problem, […]

Ceremony – New Order

If I told a different story All the sinful wheels are turning Turning in and turn towards this time All […]

Shellshock – New Order

Hold on! It’s never enough It’s never enough until your heart stops beating The deeper you get, the sweeter the […]

Doubts Even Here – New Order

When eyes just turn and stare The day begins, collapsing without warning You fade from sight, there’s nothing there All […]

Hurt – New Order

(Give me, give me, give me) It’s a time we love to hate, I can give you I am for […]

Weirdo – New Order

Someone I knew and he was lost I don’t care what we have done, You never will believe it It’s […]

Sunrise – New Order

One-way conversations do not work somehow Tell me, how does one get your soul in touch with the one above […]

Mesh – New Order

Inside dimension lies another sacrifice Once out of reach, we never speak, we never compromise As they turned to gold […]