Human Being – New York Dolls

Go ahead, find yourself a saint Go ahead now, Try to find a boy Who’s gonna be what I ain’t Now what you need is A plastic doll with a fresh coat of paint Who’s gonna sit through the madness And always acts so quaint Said yeah yeah yeah With your new friend You’re really […]

Lookin For A Kiss – New York Dolls

When all the other kids, where just draggin along I couldn’t believe the way it seemed to be Rememberin the things, you used to say to me (About…) You know I can’t be wastin time Cus gotta get my fun I got to keep on movin Cant stop til it’s all done Listen when I […]

Lonely Planet Boy – New York Dolls

It’s so hard And it’s a lonely planet joy When the song from from the other boys That’s when I’m a lonely planet boy And I’m tryin, Baby for your love Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah Oh, you pick me up Your outta drivin in your car When I tell you where I’m goin You’re always […]

Vietnamese Baby – New York Dolls

I gotta show you what I can do But everything connects and that ain’t nowhere Well, but maybe they’re just giving you all you’ve ever wanted And maybe you never ever know what that was And maybe you’re just finding it out now With a Vietnamese baby on your mind Technology satellite, well What’s wrong […]