Performer NICK DRAKE

Fruit Tree – Nick Drake

So very unsound. It can never flourish Till its stalk is in the ground. So men of fame Can never […]

Fly – Nick Drake

Please give me a second face I’ve fallen far down The first time around Now I just sit on the […]

Parasite – Nick Drake

Feeling down like him Seeing the light in a station bar And travelling far in sin Sailing downstairs to the […]

Rain – Nick Drake

Clouds of rainbow blue Thoughts of sun on sand-dunes Where the seabirds flew This was our season, and we said […]

Joey – Nick Drake

Joey will come to while away your hours But she will tell you you’re not so good for her She […]

River Man – Nick Drake

Said she had a word to say About things today And fallen leaves. Said she hadn’t heard the news Hadn’t […]

Cocaine Blues – Nick Drake

Dressed in white Hey, baby Won’t you stay the night Cocaine All around my brain Come, my baby Dressed in […]

Mayfair – Nick Drake

Mayfair strange in the summer night, Mayfair strangest in the afternoon. Mayfair stretching far above, full of fame but lacking […]

Day Is Done – Nick Drake

Down to earth then sinks the sun Along with everything that was lost and won When the day is done. […]

Poor Boy – Nick Drake

I never help my neighbour Never do what is proper For my share of labour. I’m a poor boy And […]