Night Before (Life Goes On) – Carrie Underwood

Sneakin a smoke by the chimney
Checkin out the moon and the city lights
Takes off his flannel shirt and he
drapes it around her shoulders.
slides up behind her and holds on tight.
And she says..

“I don’t want this night to end
Why does it have to end?”

Tomorrow she’ll be rollin’ down I-10 Baton Rouge
LSU, 18 years, and hurry ya do
He’s got a Friday paycheck lined up down the block
At Daddy’s Shop, it ain’t much, but it’s a job.
They’ve been waitin this moment all summer long
The night before life goes on.

Ooh. A tear falls off her cheek
Right when it hits his arm he says
C’mon baby lets get out of here
They take on last drive around town
and man it already looks different
He bangs the wheel and says “life ain’t fair”
This growin’ up stuff, man i don’t know
I just don’t wanna let you go


Yeah that’s what my momma told me,
and just like those kids I didn’t wanna listen to no one
Yeah there’s nothin you can do,
There’s nothin you can say…
And I know how it feels when love goes away


Lyric Night Before (Life Goes On) – Carrie Underwood