Stormchild – Night In Gales

caller of the crystalstorms shadowfaced armourer father of mine forging trumpets to lances yet spears to horns… stormchild! eat my […]

Thunderbeast – Night In Gales

starlit impaler, shackled upon this thornthrone of mine beware! he bears a bejewelled crystalsemen his spawn’s a wrathful plague behold! […]

Intruder – Night In Gales

…as minstrels of pestilence intrude! penetrate! blacken the fount of chaosraves… a rapturous onslaught bastardblade stampede sparked daggers stabbing onward […]

Sylphlike – Night In Gales

the kingdom of denial reflects my restless lust my lust for solitude into the wisdom of lakes into the wisdom […]

Razor – Night In Gales

fire…burning so bright is this mournful being like mine was before? eyes shut forever infesting imagination inside where serenity fades […]

The Dustcrown – Night In Gales

plunder the palace on crystaltide’s eve! brigants be crowned as scarletwinged starthieves the carrionking’s clarions are chanting from afar preluding […]