A Spark In The Crimson Eclipse – Night In Gales

thou shall dwell in tears a serenade of cruelty which teaches us how to bleed we came down to touch the earth now our tears fall through the well of equilibrium forlorn in this entity between blackness and fear the woods of my lightforsaken travesty running with thorns in my flesh… to reach the power […]

The Dustcrown – Night In Gales

plunder the palace on crystaltide’s eve! brigants be crowned as scarletwinged starthieves the carrionking’s clarions are chanting from afar preluding pestilential war a parade of starstruck tyrants and havoc’s ambassadors he’s a starslayer, none so vile a charming chaser of the furyspies his teartempest’s trophy… …the steelwolves’ skycries bring me the head of the firefed! […]

Bleed Afresh – Night In Gales

to see the frustration of truth hope that it will be endless to see that i am real you say iґm a sacred one one to devastate my soul will bleed afresh my echo is one of few thoughts full of helplessness captured and deceased a god should never be so blind… but thereґs a […]