Death Star – Nightfall

Ask me to draw you one million suns Why your eyes remind me of the rain it comes? It is that sky that folds you It is his strength It is that promise I gave you Forever hold your hand. Feathers die as crow shot down But the soul remains My dreams are made to […]

Aenaon – Nightfall

Across those bridges far beyond Once upon I walked, but never more To Roads of marvel some say they lead Bitter humans who patiently bleed. I recall the thoughts my mind captured As from the bridges high I stared the world seemed raptured My teeth rapidly moved as skin turned red blue No cold then […]

Until The Day Gods Help Us All – Nightfall

Stand to be found Found to be guilty A foolish game a crying shame Over the hills Down through the valleys The evil eye an end to die Until the day the gods help us all Chained my heart shall stay Until the day the gods help us all Wipe the earth away Rhythm divine […]

Diva – Nightfall

There are times I do the same But I cannot stand the way you live I can’t simply follow sweet My mind is drowned in a sea of thoughts, my heart is bleeding My mind is black I need no more, please sister release me And I always love what others hate, but I never […]