Reality Vs. Truth – Nightrage

In the dust of sorrow lost Old memories and dark recollections from the silent past When wilderness weights heavily on […]

The Tremor – Nightrage

women’s lures, deserted like an empty corpse, an uneasy conscience. Stigmatised in hell, he’s puffed up with conceit, there will […]

Black Skies – Nightrage

Fear and pain it’s all I feel Exorcise the dark shadows that haunting me Asking for questions that cannot be […]

Jubilant Cry – Nightrage

A fighting spirit his own rules Staring at the peaceful borders of sanity Rebirth of the dead tears Playing with […]

Scathing – Nightrage

Frozen, a sky suffused with darkness. Eyes swimming in tears, a deadly sense of reality. The restless cycle of life. […]

De-Fame – Nightrage

A scornful look, That seemed like respect, What I care All the bad memories. What I felt Only the negative […]

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