Elusive Emotion – Nightrage

how I wish to get away from this ill-fated circle of hallucinations, It’s beyond my comprehension, I was deceived into […]

Spiritual Impulse – Nightrage

Barbwires around my wrist feet and neck. Electric wires connected, Within a caged inbreed Penetrable for all and everything On […]

Encircle – Nightrage

Let me build me up again, My inner generation strikes me With mechanical signals. Broken sound encircle This inhuman behavior. […]

Drug – Nightrage

Now when my blindfold is cast No judgement cast upon them They who broke their vows that I trusted In […]

Surge Of Pity – Nightrage

My favorite scary colour, peered into the darkness these small uncertain moves. Is there any truth in their words? Misfortune […]

Hero – Nightrage

your actions will resound forever in eternity, can anyone listen to your heartrending lament this last time. You build castles […]

Frozen – Nightrage

You feel so abandoned suppress your feelings That’s the legacy of destiny I don’t you if you’ll find out the […]

Ethereal – Nightrage

selling values and frightening spirits which had nothing to give you. I want to know if you live or if […]

Being Nothing – Nightrage

Strike down upon the insanity Silent wastelands our homes tobe Condemned to harvest our broken dreams I am the fear […]

Phantasma – Nightrage

Perished are all fears Perished into nothingness I found that nothing dies Stop to reflect Stop to resist Might as […]

Gloomy Daydreams – Nightrage

a frightening sunbeam overshadow the screams of despair, roaming at the endless plains of grief, hiding from a world so […]

Death-Like Silence – Nightrage

Old animosities that have surfaced once again. Virtues and faults of a hypocrite race. Inmost recesses of the soul. Thoughts […]

Reality Vs. Truth – Nightrage

In the dust of sorrow lost Old memories and dark recollections from the silent past When wilderness weights heavily on […]

The Tremor – Nightrage

women’s lures, deserted like an empty corpse, an uneasy conscience. Stigmatised in hell, he’s puffed up with conceit, there will […]

Black Skies – Nightrage

Fear and pain it’s all I feel Exorcise the dark shadows that haunting me Asking for questions that cannot be […]

Jubilant Cry – Nightrage

A fighting spirit his own rules Staring at the peaceful borders of sanity Rebirth of the dead tears Playing with […]

Scathing – Nightrage

Frozen, a sky suffused with darkness. Eyes swimming in tears, a deadly sense of reality. The restless cycle of life. […]

De-Fame – Nightrage

A scornful look, That seemed like respect, What I care All the bad memories. What I felt Only the negative […]

Spiral – Nightrage

pattern I follow. Turn into silence, but still I hear the silence scream. Oh how this fills me up. Searching […]

Circle Of Pain – Nightrage

in pieces so lonely and desperate. You hurt me, I’m a fool and now I understand, dark person punished my […]

Silent Solitude – Nightrage

Where is the world that we dreamed of? A well constructed wisdom Stormy thoughts, spirited obstinacy And the moon was […]

Reconcile – Nightrage

These memories of what happened so many years ago are long gone. Laid too rest. Deep inside of you. But […]

Reconcile – Nightrage

These memories of what happened so many years ago are long gone. Laid too rest. Deep inside of you. But […]

Drone – Nightrage

Spreading out it is filth ignoring the perpetual, Guilty. This phase is what consumes me. Repent, this is my bitterness. […]

Release – Nightrage

In this violent sea of entrapping lies We are gathered here as long ago Others like we in search of […]