Tutankhamen – Nightwish

To greet me with its rays I place my hand on my forehead To see your chariots’ flames Watch me […]

Elvenpath – Nightwish

Songs as a seduction of sirens The elf-folk is calling me Tapio, Bearking, Ruler of the forest Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer […]

The Kinslayer – Nightwish

For whom the prey weeps Bow before a war Call it religion Some wounds never heal Some tears never will […]

The Riddler – Nightwish

The birds fly free on a mackerel sky Ask me whither goes the winds Whence the endlesstick-tick stream begins Make […]

Gethsemane – Nightwish

But let this cup of suffering pass from me Send me no shepherd to heal my world But the Angel […]

Wishmaster – Nightwish

Apprentice! Heartborne, 7th Seeker Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster Elbereth Lorien A dreamy-eyed child staring into night On a […]

Stargazers – Nightwish

Child of dew-spangled cobweb, Mother to the Moon Constellations beholders of the 3rd vagrant Theater for the play of life […]

Wanderlust – Nightwish

Hear how the wolves howl Sail the dead calm waters of the Pacific Dance in the fields of coral Be […]

Crownless – Nightwish

Trophy on her grave still remains unseen A boat on the river confessing the sins The Riddler revealing the deep […]

The Carpenter – Nightwish

Man condemned to shine a salvation throughout the centuries Why? Was the wine of the grail too sour for man […]