Category: NILE

Opening Of The Mouth – Nile

I open your mouth for you With the Adze of Iron Which split open the mouths of the Gods The Iron which issueth from Set With the Adze of Iron I did clean your Bones With Iron Hook and Chisel I did scrape your Flesh And separate your Bones for you Sebau Fiends work Evil […]

Smashing The Antiu – Nile

Dragging The fettered Rebels To the Block of Slaughter Decapitated Headless Naked and Bound Captives Adorn my Shield Arms Tied behind their Backs Lying Bound in Agony Fiends Hold them with Ropes Awaiting Beheadment and Mutilation With Contempt for the Vanquished We Exterminate the Dwellers of the Eastern Desert Amenhiu! They are Doomed to Slaughter […]

Stones Of Sorrow – Nile

In the Hot Sun Drag the Stones of Sorrow Vast Monolithic a Collossus of Stone Greased with the Blood of Abraham Of Human Bondage and Suffering We carve a monument to Megalomania Bleak and Endless is my Sorrow For the chain of Sut Is around my Neck Aperu Heseb Semedet! It is I who lift […]

Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand – Nile

There is balm as well as bitterness And that balm is Nepenthe. Yet underneath endless oceans of sand I have not forgotten Those who had betrayed me. Silent and unmovable, I am not sorry For I had hated the light. Now I ride with the undead Across the night-sky And play by day Amongst the […]