Thinking – No Authority

I’ve been thinkin’ bout you baby, are you thinkin’ of me too? I know you’re thinkin’ of me lady, deny […]

Girlfriend – No Authority

Sekou “;SongFu”; Akin) I want you to be my girlfriend I want you to be my girlfriend Chorus: I want […]

I Like It – No Authority

I’ve been thinking ’bout you, for quite a while You’re on my mind every day and every night My every […]

Don’t Stop – No Authority

Michael Chambers, LaShawn Daniels, Aqil Davidson, Idris Davidson, Charlie Wilson, Menton Smith) Chorus: Don’t stop till you get enough If […]

Don’t Go – No Authority

I’m not afraid to admit And I know I only gave loneliness Baby don’t Throw away what we made Cause […]

Keep On – No Authority

Chorus: Keep on, keep on girl, it’s on and poppin’ Keep on, keep on, ain’t no need for stoppin’ Keep […]

Why – No Authority

Chorus: Someone tell me why, why, why Does it hurt everyday All I do is cry, cry, cry Why do […]