Performer NO DOUBT

Hey You – No Doubt

Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind Hey you with the dreams in your head You’ve been so mislead […]

Happy Now? – No Doubt

But you gave her up ‘Cause dependency might interrupt Idealistic will so hard to please Put your indecisive mind at […]

Climb – No Doubt

Every step must be placed do I don’t fall off Looking down to see about how much higher I am […]

Stricken – No Doubt

I love you completely I guess I’m kinda mad about you I love you, I love you I do Love […]

Excuse Me Mr. – No Doubt

I’m holding signs up On your streetcorner stops Like most you try not to see me You stare straight ahead […]

New – No Doubt

This feeling has got to stay Don’t let it go away This feeling has got to stay And I can’t […]

Sixteen – No Doubt

WIth a dophin smile With no elbow room With your body in bloom You’ve had your little backyard Protected by […]

Sinking – No Doubt

You’re on a wide open ocean No one around you for miles Your thinkin’ of drinkin’ on water While you’re […]

Spiderwebs – No Doubt

That the chemistry’s correct You words walk right through my ears Presuming I like what I hear And now I’m […]

Ex-Girlfriend – No Doubt

I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend I hope […]

Just A Girl – No Doubt

I’m Exposed And it’s no big surprise Don’t you think I know Exactly where I stand This world is forcing […]

Trapped In A Box – No Doubt

Trapped in a box of tremendous size It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes Attracts filthy flies and pollutes […]

Let’s Get Back – No Doubt

This is a very interesting situation I sense a gradual loss of communication Don’t you think I can see you’re […]

Squeal – No Doubt

I can’t begin to tell you How bad I feel about it So now that it is all out How […]

Big City Train – No Doubt

Can you hear that whistle Loud clackety-clack It’s calling to me The station is where it’s at It’s coming again […]

Marry Me – No Doubt

And I wouldn’t mind if my name changed to Mrs. This is one side, my conventional side An attraction to […]

Doormat – No Doubt

I’m not your doormat, your floormat So don’t wipe your feet on me I’m not the only Garibaldi There’s more […]

Open The Gate – No Doubt

I see you from the distance From beyond the fence you’ve made Hiding all your feelings Behind your barricade Have […]