Category: NO DOUBT

Suspension Without Suspense – No Doubt

That’s when you found you I was still soft And we always were in trouble Odds stacked against us And trouble’s what we are We get so far And then it just starts rewinding And the same old song We’re playing it again Suspension without suspense Now that I’ve murdered your inspiration And I forced […]

Trapped In A Box – No Doubt

Trapped in a box of tremendous size It distorts my vision, it closes my eyes Attracts filthy flies and pollutes in the skies Sucks up our lives and proliferates lies Trapped in a box Trapped in a box, four walls as sky Got a screen for a window about two feet wide My mind rides […]

Let’s Get Back – No Doubt

This is a very interesting situation I sense a gradual loss of communication Don’t you think I can see you’re changing on me You’re heading into a completely new direction And I am having trouble making the adaptation Don’t you think I can see you’re changing on me Let’s get back together Let’s get back […]

Squeal – No Doubt

I can’t begin to tell you How bad I feel about it So now that it is all out How do you feel – did you profit? Why can’t you keep a secret Why’d you squeal I thought that I could trust you Why’d you squeal I thought that we had agreed That we were […]

Big City Train – No Doubt

Can you hear that whistle Loud clackety-clack It’s calling to me The station is where it’s at It’s coming again now Chuggin’ down that track Just check you records Got all my bags packed You’ll always find me waiting for that train to come through Come get me, take me, to the land where my […]

Marry Me – No Doubt

And I wouldn’t mind if my name changed to Mrs. This is one side, my conventional side An attraction to tradition My vintage disposition My sincere architecture And I want to cook him dinner But I’m more indecisive than ever And who believes in forever? Who will be the one to marry me? A girl […]

Get On The Ball – No Doubt

Don’t wait too long or she’ll be gone fast as a blink Get on the ball if you love your lover No gesture too small Tear down the walls if you love her Just give it you all Ooo yeah, you’ve got to tell her that she’s the only one Show her, make sure she’ll […]

Doormat – No Doubt

I’m not your doormat, your floormat So don’t wipe your feet on me I’m not the only Garibaldi There’s more fish in the sea I’m not your puppy, nor goldfish So don’t treat me like a pet I’m not a butterfly, so don’t try To chase me with your net I’m not your kneaded eraser […]

Open The Gate – No Doubt

I see you from the distance From beyond the fence you’ve made Hiding all your feelings Behind your barricade Have you been invaded Is this the reason why you hide I know just how you’re feeling I know so let me inside Open the gate up Open the gate up, hurry Open the gate up, […]