No Friend – Am I Blood

Fear is the one I lead
To desecrate your life
To be a god of time

I have no friend, I use myself

You hesitate my words
Oncoming day will show
I got more brains to think
I am your lord to speak

Drink me up well, lay down your head

One fault to your praying sanity
You want me to be what I want to
Crying your black tears under
The chaotic mass of mine

Blackness arises from deep
Hand on your mouth, too weak
I nail my eyes on you
Stone breaks knees to the floor

Fit shot for me give me the last thought

Pcture moving bodies with dead souls
Pathological truthless vision
Have to clean my hands before killing
Awakening ath the room I’m in a show

You see a friend do you see a friend

Lyric No Friend – Am I Blood