No Love – Save Ferris

Of a love gone wrong
So wrong
It’s a story of a man and a lonely girl
And how his love for her
Destroyed their world

A man meets a woman
And a woman meets man, you see
It’s a story as old as history
Old as history, yeah
Why, oh why must it be this way
Where is the lover would be hero
Who will save our day
Who will save the day?
But this is all he’d say

“;I remember all the things she used to say
And I remember all the games we used to play
And I remember loving you
But now that love has all gone away”;

His love for her had only turned to harm
So she ran for sanctuary
Into another’s arms
But he caught wind of what was happening
And flew into a rage so maddening
“;She’ll be with no one
If she won’t be with me”;
You see his love for her had turned to obsession
Could not let go of his prized possession
This was what she was
For this is what she was
But the love grew into bitter jealousy
Violence ends in silence
With fatality

Lyric No Love – Save Ferris