No Love – Toto

Will the last face I see be yours
When I take my last breath, and I drift through the dark
Will I look ’round and still feel secure

(It’s) no sacrifice to stay by your side
Till hell freezes clear to the core
Whatever the price, no matter how high
Over your shoulder,
When you turn around I’ll be tellin’ you

No love will ever be stronger
No love anywhere
No love will ever last longer
If I can’t have your love, I don’t want no love at all

I’ll put my change on the dresser… next to your scarf
Cook my heart in the skillet next to yours
Ten thousand tears lead up to now
You are the treasure for sure

Lines on my face get deeper each day
But the feelings are ageless and smooth
One single trace of doubt still remains
Over my shoulder, when I turn around,

Lyric No Love – Toto