No Turning Back – Stratovarius

So long I have been accepting what I’ve seen,
never really speaking my mind.
Now the heat’s leaking out. I’d like to scream and shout.
I want to leave it all behind.

There’s no one else to turn the wheel,
I’ve got my own life to steer.

No Turning Back, coz I wanna know who I am and I want to live my life.
No Turning Back, tomorrow’s awaiting, I’m on the way.

Hard to find the right words and not to make it worse.
A choice that has to be done, it is just my life.
Can’t make no compromise and to stop what has begun.

There’s no one else…

I have all the strings in my hands.
The choices that’s been laid for me.
I am not taking more commands,

Lyric No Turning Back – Stratovarius