None Shall Defy – Infernal Majesty

Hear us oh forces of darkness, we summon thee from the ebony abyss of hell
Black is the night though the candles burn bright as this young virgins’ blood we shall spill
Gaze into the crystal see the swirling mist we are servants of the powers that be
Chanting invocations drinking from the skulls of the souls that were slaughtered for thee
Kneeling at the altar calling out to satan we pledge our allegiance with our lives
Demonic power signals now is the hour and the bitch of christ shall die
Raise high the sacrificial dagger gleaming instrument of death!
Burn the devil’s cross into her flesh plunge the blade into her terror stricken heart!
Her body writhes in ecstasy. Her mind screams out in agony. Causht within the sensation of death’s embrace!

Consumnated in the fires of hell the demons’ seed is sown
In ravaged flesh neither live nor dead the incubus make it’s home
Like an evil parasite, feeding on her undefiled soul, the unholy embryo
takes form divine intervention bonding mortal man to the dark lord…
Lord of evil, Prince of darkness we await the birth-the sign-your black salvation
Unborn child, devil spawn amidst the sound of rending flesh we gaze upon thy visage

Writhe and lament;hear the gnashing of teeth and the wailing of souls
Black heaven sent;shepherd of the flock with a musical staff and the multitudes sing

None shall defy. NONE SHALL DEFY!


Courtenance personifying immortal degradation, eyes enlightened senses heightened the hidden truth revealed
So called saviours of this world self-proclaimed messiahs, the remnant seed made to
bless as they laugh and cry aloud… Satan…… Master….Lead us….into hell!

Child of darkness bringer of fear, feeding on the madness end of time is near
Hiding in the shadows waiting for the ambush giving no warning showing no mercy evil and vicious warm blooded flesh is what we must have he drink his fill
Bearer of light your time has come, die at the hand of the vile unholy one
Beckoning from the depths of hell tortured souls begin to cry I. M. evil I. M. god believe in me eternal life!

Writhe and lament;hear the gnashing of teeth and the wailing of souls

Lyric None Shall Defy – Infernal Majesty