Nothing Left – Afflicted (UK)

play the game, you know I didn’t wanna,
cause you pain, you know I didn’t wanna
feel this way but there’s no other choice to make..

Its too late, I know you didn’t want my,
sympathy, and even though you wanna,
come back to me, I know you didn’t wanna
feel this way, I’m not making the same mistake..

This ain’t no ghetto romance..
From the morning light, never get to feel you breathing all night..
This ain’t no ghetto romance..
Give in, get out, learn to forget about me..

Should I make you go,
Should I ask you to stay?
There is nothing left you can give to me..

Don’t worry about me..
Never worried before, so why suddenly
do you worry about me?
You’ve broken everything good in me..

Lyric Nothing Left – Afflicted (UK)