Rap Phenomenon – Notorious B. I. G

“;Meth-Tical..”; “;Biggie.. Biggie..”; (mmmhmmmmmm) [Notorious B. I. G.] Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. (yo c’mon Big) uhh.. Fuck that, I preach it, […]

Hypnotize – Notorious B. I. G

Verse One: Hah, sicka than your average Poppa Twist cabbage off instinct niggaz don’t think shit stink pink gators, my […]

Niggas – Notorious B. I. G

To all my Brooklyn “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all my Uptown “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all my Bronx “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all […]

Tonight – Notorious B. I. G

Yo.. Yo.. check this out YEAH! MotherFUCKERS, C’MON! MotherFUCKERS, c’mon B. I. G. motherFUCKERS B. I. G., motherFUCKERS Two thou’, […]

Nasty Girl – Notorious B. I. G

The Biggie duets (Uh) Jazze Phizzle (phizzle phizzle) Jagged Edge Biggie Smalls Ladies and gentlemen… [Biggie Smalls] I go, on […]

Intro – Notorious B. I. G

Push C’mon Shorty stay push, c’mon C’mon, c’mon push it’s almost there One more time, c’mon *baby cries* C’mon push […]

Respect – Notorious B. I. G

~~~~~~~ Nineteen-seventy somethin’, nigga I don’t sweat the date My moms is late so I had to plan my escape […]