Hypnotize – Notorious B. I. G

Verse One: Hah, sicka than your average Poppa Twist cabbage off instinct niggaz don’t think shit stink pink gators, my Detroit players Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn Dead right, if they head right, Biggie there Air Nike Poppa been smooth since days of Underroos Never lose, never choose to, bruise crews who do something […]

Gimme The Loot – Notorious B. I. G

close your doors. Biggie Smalls, huh…yeah. Verse One: My man Inf left a Tec and a nine at my crib Turned himself in, he had to do a bid A one-to-three, he be home the end of ’93 I’m ready to get this paper, G, you with me? Motherfucking right, my pocket’s looking kind of […]

Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B. I. G

Now, who’s hot who not Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores You tell me who flopped who copped the blue drop Who jewels got robbed who’s mostly Goldie down to the tube sock, the same ol pimp Mase, you know ain’t nuttin change but my limp Can’t stop till I see […]

Another – Notorious B. I. G

[Lil Kim] Fuck you too! [B. I. G.] Fuck you bitch [Lil Kim] Fuck you motherfucker [B. I. G.] You ain’t shit anyway, fuck you [Lil Kim] You ain’t shit, you fat motherfucker [B. I. G.] Yeah, whatever whatever [Lil Kim] Whatevah [B. I. G.] You wasn’t sayin that when you was suckin my dick […]

Niggas – Notorious B. I. G

To all my Brooklyn “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all my Uptown “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all my Bronx “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; To all my Queensbridge “;Niggas!! (Niggas!!)”; “;Nigga nigga nigga..”; [Notorious B. I. G.] Back up chump, you know Biggie Smalls rips it quick and kicks it quick, you know how black niggaz get with the hoods fatigues […]

Life After Death Intro – Notorious B. I. G

*music fades in from “;Suicidal Thoughts”;* … me and her sister had somethin goin on (Aiyyo, would you listen to me motherfucker?) I reach my peak, I can’t speak Call my nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak (Aiyyo c’mon nigga, cut that) I’m sick of niggaz lyin, I’m sick of bitches hawkin […]

Get Your Grind On – Notorious B. I. G

But I would’ve loved to hear A Big Pun and B. I. G. collabo That shit would’ve been incredible [Big Pun talking] Aye yaknahmsayin, it was just happen We have our day, you know? I seen him, I seen him, I seen him at the pearly gates, yaknahmean? We keep it, keep it, keep it […]

Tonight – Notorious B. I. G

Yo.. Yo.. check this out YEAH! MotherFUCKERS, C’MON! MotherFUCKERS, c’mon B. I. G. motherFUCKERS B. I. G., motherFUCKERS Two thou’, B. I. G. motherFUCKERS ??, two thou’, motherFUCKERS ??, B. I. G. motherFUCKERS B. I. G. at war, motherFUCKERS B. I. G. … we proceed.. to give you, what you need I am.. as we […]

1970 Somethin’ – Notorious B. I. G

[B. I. G.] 1970 Somethin’ nigga i don’t sweat the date my moms was late, so i had to plan my escape, out the skins, in this world the fly girls, tangeray and hennesey, untill i call earl, 10 months in this gut, wut the fuck, i wish moms would hurry up, so i can […]

Nasty Girl – Notorious B. I. G

The Biggie duets (Uh) Jazze Phizzle (phizzle phizzle) Jagged Edge Biggie Smalls Ladies and gentlemen… [Biggie Smalls] I go, on and on and on and Don’t take them to the crib unless they bon’in Easy, call em on the phone and platinum Chanel cologne and I stay, dressed, to impress Spark these bitches interest Sex […]

Hustler’s Story – Notorious B. I. G

Akon… and B-I-G [BIG] Niggaz talkin but aint livin it cristal pop i’m sippin it mobb hats and lizard shit gator talks bitch, rollin blunts wit the willyest of da willy hitched and cocked, and ones a nine milli, stories like a motherfucker model bitchs wonderin if i’ma fuck wit her, she noe i treat […]

Nasty Boy – Notorious B. I. G

Yeahh, worrd I remember I met this one bitch Cause you know me I don’t see how I’m the nasty motherfucker I just thought I thought I’da did anything in the world (yeh?) I meets this one bitch, I comes up in the spot, or whatever The bitch got the candles lit or whatever, so […]

Fuck You Tonight – Notorious B. I. G

[Dad] I like that, you like that? Heh [Big] Here’s another one [Dad] And another one [Big] And another one [Dad] And another one [Big] Uhh, what, what? Intro/Chorus: R. Kelly, Biggie (variations on Big’s part) You must be used to me spendin And all that sweet winin and dinin Well I’m fuckin you tonight […]

Going Back To Cali – Notorious B. I. G

*phone rings three times* [Biggie] Yo! [P. Dad] Yo Big wake up wake up baby [Biggie] Mmm, yo… [P. Dad] Yo Big wake yo’ ass up c’mon [Biggie] I’m up! I’m up. *mumbling* I’m up I’m up [P. Dad] Big, wake up! [Biggie] I’m up baby, what the fuck, man? What’s up? [P. Dad] C’mon […]

I Really Want To Show You – Notorious B. I. G

[Notorious B. I. G.] Wooo! There’s gonna be a lot of punchin in this motherfucker Y’all better be swift with that punch button Jack Biggie.. Biggie.. [Notorious B. I. G.] I know how it feel to wake up fucked up Pockets broke as hell, another rock to sell People look at you like youse the […]

Ten Crack Commandments – Notorious B. I. G

Uhh, it’s the ten crack commandments What, uhh, uhh Nigga can’t tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh Can’t tell me nothin bout this crack, this weed To my hustlin niggaz Niggaz on the corner I ain’t forget you niggaz My triple beam niggaz, word up (Chuck D) “;One two three four five six seven […]

Dangerous MC’s – Notorious B. I. G

Yeah, ninety-six, for my Nordstrom Ave niggaz My Fulton Street niggaz (hardcore for ninety-six) Dangerous MC’s.. Uhh (check it out) uhh Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top Chillin on the scene, smokin pounds of green Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest Money-hungriest, Brooklyn Loch Ness Nine millimeter cock test, wan fi’ test? And the winner is.. […]

Whatchu Want – Notorious B. I. G

[BIG] Throw your hands in the sky, nigga I’m stickin’ ice picks on the tip of ya dick Give your testicles a swift kick, ain’t that some shit? Am I hard hard core, harder than a Plymouth It ain’t no myth, it’s a nigga with the spliff And a chrome four fifth pressed on ya […]

Notorious B. I. G. – Notorious B. I. G

Yo, check it Call Lil’ Cease Tell that muh’fucker to bring me some muh’fuckin weed for this hospital man fuck that Tell that reporter to go pick up ten thousand from Dez and go take about like twenty G’s from Gino Tell that muh’fucker get this nigga next door up out of here Nigga be […]

Notorius Thugs – Notorious B. I. G

[Intro 1] (Just) Bone and Biggie Biggie We gonna rock the party Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Rock the party, party Yes Bone and Biggie Biggie Betta run and tell everybody Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Everybody, everybody [Intro 2] (Let’s) Ride let’s ride let’s ride let’s ride Get high, get […]

I Got A Story To Tell – Notorious B. I. G

Uhh Check it out, check it out This here goes out to all the niggaz that be fuckin mad bitches in other niggaz cribs thinkin shit is sweet Nigga creep up on your ass, hahaha Live niggaz respect it, check it I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya Even left all my […]

It Has Been Said – Notorious B. I. G

[Eminem + {B. I. G.}] Ih.. ih, ih (it has been) It has been, it has been, it has been It has been said, that there has been known to be bloodshed Over bread, men who have bled to death, dead {what?} Strapped to beds, pipe bombs, dynamite, lead Money power respect, street cred, yeah […]

Ultimate Rush – Notorious B. I. G

[Intro: Missy (B. I. G.)] Uh (uh) Come on (uh) It goes B to the I to the G so proper Missy and Big Poppa (Check it out) Call us chief knockers [Chorus: Notorious B. I. G.] Damn Ma, I love you like the lah, the ganja Sensimilla, can I feel ya All I wanna […]

Biggie – Notorious B. I. G

Queen Bee, and Notorious B. I. G. nigga The best that ever lived, the best that ever did it The best that ever lived it Cocksuckers, What’s his name, huh? That’s how we do it ya’ll To all my niggaz in the house Bad Boy, Who we die for All day, everyday nigga [Verse 1] […]

The What – Notorious B. I. G

I used to get feels on a bitch Now I throw shields on the dick To stop me from that HIV shit And niggaz know they soft like a Twinkie filling Playin the villian Prepare for this rap killin Biggie Smalls is the illest Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered “;What you talkin […]

I Love The Dough – Notorious B. I. G

[Jay-Z] Uhh, uhh Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh Hah, what, I like this Uhh, uhh, I like this What? Uhh, what? Uhh Verse One: Jay-Z We push the hottest V’s, peel fast through the city, play Monopoly with real cash Me and Biggie and the models be, shaking they saditty ass And parotta be, somethin you […]

Hope You Niggas Sleep – Notorious B. I. G

Check the pain I inflict, like a convict, the Fulton digger Jump in the Acura Vigor, after I stick ya Rip ya like a razor, straight up Henny with no chaser Watch me erase ya, misplace ya Put you in the back with the derelicts Yeah, I pop plenty shit Chump, I’m making hits No […]

The World Is Filled… – Notorious B. I. G

The world is filled, with pimps and hoes We’ll just talk about those I knows The world is mine, can’t you see I’m just trying to be all I can be Ohhahhoahh, yeah Verse One: Puff Daddy Now first come the cash, then come the ass Then come big blunts with big chunks of hash […]

Fuck Me (Interlude) – Notorious B. I. G

against the wall, and Biggie grunting) Woman moaning, uh, yeah, uh, oooh, oh yeah, mmm, yeah Oh fuck me you black mothafucka, oooohh yeah!!! MMMMMM, Aaahhh Oh fuck me you black Kentucky Fried Chicken eatin’ Ohhh, ooohhh, yeah You mothafuckin’ gangsta killin’, mutha fuckin black mafia ass Muthafuckin, you, ohhhhh my god You chronic smokin’, […]

If I Should Die Before I Wake – Notorious B. I. G

Uhh.. UHH Yeah.. Uhh.. uhh.. Uh! Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh.. I’m on.. Fuck em.. yeah, uhh.. With my hands gripped.. praise the Lord shit Fuck her, never knew her Screw her.. (dump her body, dump her body) sewer Our father.. uh-huh.. What you expected from his next of kin I’m loco bro, but ain’t no Mexican […]

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