Whatchu Want – Notorious B. I. G

[BIG] Throw your hands in the sky, nigga I’m stickin’ ice picks on the tip of ya dick Give your testicles a swift kick, ain’t that some shit? Am I hard hard core, harder than a Plymouth It ain’t no myth, it’s a nigga with the spliff And a chrome four fifth pressed on ya […]

Notorious B. I. G. – Notorious B. I. G

Yo, check it Call Lil’ Cease Tell that muh’fucker to bring me some muh’fuckin weed for this hospital man fuck that Tell that reporter to go pick up ten thousand from Dez and go take about like twenty G’s from Gino Tell that muh’fucker get this nigga next door up out of here Nigga be […]

Notorius Thugs – Notorious B. I. G

[Intro 1] (Just) Bone and Biggie Biggie We gonna rock the party Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Rock the party, party Yes Bone and Biggie Biggie Betta run and tell everybody Just Bone and Biggie Biggie (repeat 3X) Everybody, everybody [Intro 2] (Let’s) Ride let’s ride let’s ride let’s ride Get high, get […]

I Got A Story To Tell – Notorious B. I. G

Uhh Check it out, check it out This here goes out to all the niggaz that be fuckin mad bitches in other niggaz cribs thinkin shit is sweet Nigga creep up on your ass, hahaha Live niggaz respect it, check it I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya Even left all my […]

It Has Been Said – Notorious B. I. G

[Eminem + {B. I. G.}] Ih.. ih, ih (it has been) It has been, it has been, it has been It has been said, that there has been known to be bloodshed Over bread, men who have bled to death, dead {what?} Strapped to beds, pipe bombs, dynamite, lead Money power respect, street cred, yeah […]

Ultimate Rush – Notorious B. I. G

[Intro: Missy (B. I. G.)] Uh (uh) Come on (uh) It goes B to the I to the G so proper Missy and Big Poppa (Check it out) Call us chief knockers [Chorus: Notorious B. I. G.] Damn Ma, I love you like the lah, the ganja Sensimilla, can I feel ya All I wanna […]

Biggie – Notorious B. I. G

Queen Bee, and Notorious B. I. G. nigga The best that ever lived, the best that ever did it The best that ever lived it Cocksuckers, What’s his name, huh? That’s how we do it ya’ll To all my niggaz in the house Bad Boy, Who we die for All day, everyday nigga [Verse 1] […]

The What – Notorious B. I. G

I used to get feels on a bitch Now I throw shields on the dick To stop me from that HIV shit And niggaz know they soft like a Twinkie filling Playin the villian Prepare for this rap killin Biggie Smalls is the illest Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered “;What you talkin […]

I Love The Dough – Notorious B. I. G

[Jay-Z] Uhh, uhh Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh Hah, what, I like this Uhh, uhh, I like this What? Uhh, what? Uhh Verse One: Jay-Z We push the hottest V’s, peel fast through the city, play Monopoly with real cash Me and Biggie and the models be, shaking they saditty ass And parotta be, somethin you […]

Hope You Niggas Sleep – Notorious B. I. G

Check the pain I inflict, like a convict, the Fulton digger Jump in the Acura Vigor, after I stick ya Rip ya like a razor, straight up Henny with no chaser Watch me erase ya, misplace ya Put you in the back with the derelicts Yeah, I pop plenty shit Chump, I’m making hits No […]

The World Is Filled… – Notorious B. I. G

The world is filled, with pimps and hoes We’ll just talk about those I knows The world is mine, can’t you see I’m just trying to be all I can be Ohhahhoahh, yeah Verse One: Puff Daddy Now first come the cash, then come the ass Then come big blunts with big chunks of hash […]

Fuck Me (Interlude) – Notorious B. I. G

against the wall, and Biggie grunting) Woman moaning, uh, yeah, uh, oooh, oh yeah, mmm, yeah Oh fuck me you black mothafucka, oooohh yeah!!! MMMMMM, Aaahhh Oh fuck me you black Kentucky Fried Chicken eatin’ Ohhh, ooohhh, yeah You mothafuckin’ gangsta killin’, mutha fuckin black mafia ass Muthafuckin, you, ohhhhh my god You chronic smokin’, […]

If I Should Die Before I Wake – Notorious B. I. G

Uhh.. UHH Yeah.. Uhh.. uhh.. Uh! Yeah.. yeah.. Uhh.. I’m on.. Fuck em.. yeah, uhh.. With my hands gripped.. praise the Lord shit Fuck her, never knew her Screw her.. (dump her body, dump her body) sewer Our father.. uh-huh.. What you expected from his next of kin I’m loco bro, but ain’t no Mexican […]

What’s Beef? – Notorious B. I. G

Uncle Paulie, Big Ditti Caesar Leo DeGenero (yeahhh) Charlie Baltimore, Iceberg Slim The most shadiest, Frank Baby We here (do you know what beef is?) We ain’t goin nowhere (do you know what beef is?) Uh-uh (ask yourself, do you know what beef is?) Uh-uh, uhh Ha ha ha ha ha, check out this bizarre […]

Intro – Notorious B. I. G

Push C’mon Shorty stay push, c’mon C’mon, c’mon push it’s almost there One more time, c’mon *baby cries* C’mon push baby, one more time *baby cries* Harder harder, push harder Push, push, c’mon One more time, here it goes! I see the head! Yeah c’mon! YEAH! YEAHHHH! You did it baby, yeah! *Curtis Mayfield’s “;Super […]

Respect – Notorious B. I. G

~~~~~~~ Nineteen-seventy somethin’, nigga I don’t sweat the date My moms is late so I had to plan my escape out the skins, in this world of fly girls Tanqueray and Hennessy until I cold hurl Ten months in this gut, what the fuck I wish moms’d hurry up so I could get buck wild, […]

Come On – Notorious B. I. G

Nigga was motherfuckin HYPED UP Nigga just grabbed the nigga, snuffed the nigga and it was on from there The motherfucker there wasn’t nuttin stoppin him (What what did the rest of his niggaz do?) Man the motherfuckers was just ready for anything Them niggaz was packin burners Them niggaz was ready to fight whatever […]