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Drift Away – Nylons

Day after day I’m more confused But I look for the light thru the pourin’ rain You know that’s a game that I hate to lose I’m feelin’ the strain Ain’t it a shame-oh Give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in the rock and roll And drift […]

Up The Ladder To The Roof – Nylons

And we shall run across the sky Illuminate the night Oh, I will try and guide you To better times and brighter days Don’t be afraid to go… Chorus: Up the ladder to the roof Where we can see heaven much better Up the ladder to the roof We can be closer to heaven Stay […]

The Stars Are Ours – Nylons

We see Orion rising The stars are ours The stars are ours tonight They sparkle and shine so bright Because you’re mine tonight The stars are ours The moon that’s up in the sky Is shining for you and I Because you’re mine tonight The stars are ours We’ve come a long way from Andromeda […]

Monkey – Nylons

Why can’t you set your monkey free Always giving in to it Do you love the monkey or do you love me Why can’t you do it Why do I have to share my baby with a monkey With a monkey Oh I count to ten But I don’t know how and I don’t know […]

Groovy Thing – Nylons

Time to groove on Put your dancing shoes on, come on It’s the break of dawn Clear your mind, don’t press rewind Only you can leave the past behind Cuz everyone is looking for #1 trade The freedom of choice in this day and age The rage of a generation of ‘love’ Cause that’s what […]

Perpetual Emotion – Nylons

Emotion, perpetual emotion (repeat) Oo, you got me going I can’t stop, I Climb the highest mountain To the top, I Go through fire for you Swim the ocean Wild with this blind devotion Mama say, mama say, there’ll be days You gonna meet someone and somehow they Are gonna take your heart and sail […]

Secret Part Of Me – Nylons

I was sure I could make it on my own Then you touched a secret part of me I was so all alone In control of my emotions Then you touched a secret part of me More than I’ve ever known I tried so many times before I knew when you walked through my door […]

Heavenly Bodies – Nylons

When you roll your pretty eyes that way But I thank my lucky stars I guess you still like what you see My poor poor heart’s got nowhere to go You looked at me and that’s all I know Got my head in the clouds at the thought of you loving me Take a walk […]

Kiss Him Goodbye – Nylons

I’ll always love you Even though the tears are fallin’ From my eyes I still remember baby when Our love was so strong So go on Go ahead and kiss him Go on and kiss him goodbye Goodbye, whoa goodbye He doesn’t love you the way that I love you Cause if he did he […]

Nobody Knows – Nylons

Move down the road to get somewhere We all gotta pay and the cost is high What’s yours or mine no time to care You, you should know You gotta let it flow Baby you can’t win the fight Nobody’s wrong nobody’s right Nobody’s wrong nobody’s right Baby that’s the way it goes And where […]

Back On Track – Nylons

One night goes much to fast One love deliver me back Once more I’m back on track I need another chance One more is all I ask It’s just a matter of fact Once more I’m back on track I counted on the images to help me see You showed me that the lights will […]

What Is It Worth – Nylons

All war no love is driving me mad All that’s real seems to disappear One minute gone one minute here Compassion is what we all need This flower garden gives me peace Sincerity is what I plead Just join hands Jump and shout with me Do do do-do do… What is it worth What is […]

Remember (Walking In The Sand) – Nylons

That my baby went away Went away ‘cross the sea Seems like a year ago Since I watched my baby go And then this letter came to me It said that we were through You found somebody new Lemme think, lemme think, what can I do? Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no […]

Smalltown Boy – Nylons

With everything you own In a little black case Alone on a platform The wind and the rain On a sad and lonely face Mother will never understand Why you had to leave For the love that you need Will never be found at home And the answer you seek Will never be found at […]

Ain’t No Sunshine – Nylons

It’s not warm when she’s away Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone She’s gone much too long Any time she goes away Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone Wonder if she’s gone to stay Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone And this house just ain’t no home Anytime she goes away I know She’s gone […]

Up On The Roof – Nylons

And people are just too much for me to take I climb right up to the top of the stairs And all my cares just drift right into space On the roof’s the only place I know Where you just have to wish to make it so Up on the roof When I get home […]

What Can You Do For Me – Nylons

Or nothing at all People want sincerity And nothing false People need happiness As land needs rain from above We need rain. We need life, We need love Most people find it so hard to live without Love, love, love, love, love, love Oh yeah People want to live, not merely exist People want to […]

Town Without Pity – Nylons

And bewildered by the world we see Why do people hurt us so Only those in love will know What a town without pity can do If we stop to gaze upon a star People talk about how bad we are Ours is not an easy age We’re like tigers in a cage What a […]

What Child Is This – Nylons

On Mary’s lap is sleeping Whom angels greet with anthems sweet While shepherds watch are keeping This, this is Christ the King Whom shepherds guard and angels sing Haste, haste to bring him praise The Babe, the Son of Mary So bring him incense, gold and myrrh Come peasant king to praise him The king […]

Rise Up – Nylons

Oh rise and show your power Rise up rise up Dance into the sun Rise up rise up It’s time for celebration Rise up rise up Spirits time has come Spirits time has come We want lovin’ and laughter again We want heartbeat We want this madness to end We want dancin’ Wanna run in […]

Human Family – Nylons

Right before our very eyes, people losing their lives It’s not a matter of right or wrong Everyone who’s alive has the right to survive We’re all in this together, my friend Our indifference must end We’re calling out to you, wherever you may be Everybody take responsibility This world was made for you and […]

Busy Tonight – Nylons

Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Please don’t be busy tonight I’ve been waiting while the whole world gets to you I’ve been patient got my place in line I know you love me but you don’t know you do How can you tell if […]

Crazy In Love – Nylons

Lock me up and throw away the key We must be crazy or we’re crazy in love There’s not much difference when you come to think of it The feeling hits you and it fits like a glove When two heart rise and shine above it We must be crazy, how we carry on Just […]

Maybe – Nylons

You will come back to me Maybe if I try every day You’ll come back to stay Maybe…maybe maybe maybe Oh, maybe if I hold your hand You will understand Maybe if I kiss your lips I’ll be at your command Maybe…maybe maybe maybe I prayed and prayed To the Lord To send you back, […]