Performer NYLONS

Eli’s Coming – Nylons

Girl, you’d better hide your heart Your lovin’ heart Eli’s coming and the cards say… Broken heart, oh broken heart, […]

Love TKO – Nylons

Told myself time and time again ‘This time I’m gonna win’ But in every fight things ain’t right, losin’ again […]

Blue Radio – Nylons

My heart is beating soft and low Love was here but now it’s gone I’m by myself with my blue […]

Stepping Stone – Nylons

She don’t love you You’re just a stepping stone You’re just a stepping stone She’s one girl to leave alone […]

Bop Til You Drop – Nylons

There was a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on There was a party next door the people callin’ out for more […]

Silhouettes – Nylons

All the shades were pulled and drawn way down tight From within the dim light cast two silhouettes on the […]

Drift Away – Nylons

Day after day I’m more confused But I look for the light thru the pourin’ rain You know that’s a […]

Monkey – Nylons

Why can’t you set your monkey free Always giving in to it Do you love the monkey or do you […]

Groovy Thing – Nylons

Time to groove on Put your dancing shoes on, come on It’s the break of dawn Clear your mind, don’t […]

Perpetual Emotion – Nylons

Emotion, perpetual emotion (repeat) Oo, you got me going I can’t stop, I Climb the highest mountain To the top, […]

Kiss Him Goodbye – Nylons

I’ll always love you Even though the tears are fallin’ From my eyes I still remember baby when Our love […]

Nobody Knows – Nylons

Move down the road to get somewhere We all gotta pay and the cost is high What’s yours or mine […]

Back On Track – Nylons

One night goes much to fast One love deliver me back Once more I’m back on track I need another […]

What Is It Worth – Nylons

All war no love is driving me mad All that’s real seems to disappear One minute gone one minute here […]

Smalltown Boy – Nylons

With everything you own In a little black case Alone on a platform The wind and the rain On a […]

What Child Is This – Nylons

On Mary’s lap is sleeping Whom angels greet with anthems sweet While shepherds watch are keeping This, this is Christ […]

Rise Up – Nylons

Oh rise and show your power Rise up rise up Dance into the sun Rise up rise up It’s time […]

Human Family – Nylons

Right before our very eyes, people losing their lives It’s not a matter of right or wrong Everyone who’s alive […]

Busy Tonight – Nylons

Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Please don’t be busy […]

Crazy In Love – Nylons

Lock me up and throw away the key We must be crazy or we’re crazy in love There’s not much […]

Maybe – Nylons

You will come back to me Maybe if I try every day You’ll come back to stay Maybe…maybe maybe maybe […]