Obsessed By Cruelty – Sodom

Almighty his chivalry urge
Eriled in the crueltys clutch
Strenghed in the believe in himself
Growned with the charm of salomo
Halluzinations and mysterious
Drift him into an inconceivable war

He get stigmated in a holy war
Against apocalyptic mights
Nails claws in his own breast
Eyes so black as night
A red blazed aperture let see
Thee blood filled beating heart

He is an impetuous thundered god
His revenge get cruel
Hateful thought lead him
An almost intolerable sight

With a frightful weight
Demolish christian stamped bodies
Their tears and blood of
Deception and insidiousness
Doze away to the ground
Smash of imperium of
uncontroled religous expansion

Last furious warrior
Pursued by fire
Pack of hound behind him
Mankind hopeless fear

Obsessed by Cruelty
Impalement for destroy
Obsessed by Cruelty
Deadly, cold and grey

After carnage is over grinded bones
Covered the endless battlefield
Broken is the residence
Triumph about innocents boast him

Lyric Obsessed By Cruelty – Sodom