Voice From A Starless Domain – Obtained Enslavement

Wandering endlessly in solitude A vision guides. A vision of wisdom and magic. Fear reigns in his heart. His cursed soul yearns for an end. A veils lays across the land. The shimmering dusk flickers and dies A hazy darkness beyond the realms of mortality Shadows take form before his eyes At his side stands […]

The Dark Night Of The Souls – Obtained Enslavement

Then came the dark night of the souls. A mystery veiled in secrets. Every strike of the moon was followed By suffering in every sense of the word. On the seventh month of the year The sun turned away. Then came forth – a world forcing every man to run away from All but honour. […]

Veils Of Wintersorrow – Obtained Enslavement

I am the shadow of your pain in existence You please my nocturnal hunger My hunger for the black moons arise from the white sky Unlighted by the frozen fires of winter My nordic witch in freezing appearance She, who’s lust is obediant to me Our seat of blackness lit through glorious rides Over the […]

Warlock – Obtained Enslavement

We dance in the heart of the forest Our fingers cast no shadows Torches light the circle The coven begins Goddess of fire Cast me thy moonspell Grant me the powers of the nocturnal arts Dance the circle Unite us in spirit And bring forth to us thy forbidden pleasures Brought to life by the […]

Nightbreed – Obtained Enslavement

Before him in an aura of light appeared a being not of human breed. Pale as death, with eyes as dark as those of midnight ravens. In visions he now saw the ancient one… enraged. The being spoke in a tongue unknown to him. But its aura was veiled in pride. Days of wisdom were […]