Oceans Of Soliloquy – Deinonychius

Like thousands of ripples in the ocean, thousands and thousands of ripples
Or a ight full with burning stars, burning bright with the fires of the sky
I see an unhappiness in your eyes, always in the eyes lies the truth
The loneliness in your voice, on the verge of tears,
Even across vast amounts of time, even without the use of time
I know you all too well
And I know that without you, I’m in my own self-made hell

If I threw a single coin into these oceans, one single coin
Would it take forever for the wves to reach you, and drown you in their volume,
Tears descend everytime I look out unto the night, and lay waste on my tongue
And to think somewhere you are looking out unto this same night, with another by your side
No matter how many times I cut into myself, deeper and deeper I cut
No amounts of blood can stop my hurt
So I just look back out at the night

Even the pleasure of orgasmic rush, the screams of absolute pleasure
Can no longer bury the dulled pain in my heart, and wash away the grief
This tired and weary heart, burned away by the pain,
I just want to rush out into your arms, but the embrace would deem so cold now
But dont have the strength, this mass ocean keeps us far apart,
And again, I must pull myself out of melancholy.

Many, many times I see your face, as if spinning in a dream
Deep in though of your hateful love, blind was I to it
But when I try to grasp you, you fade away, just like a dream
And your laughter echoes in my mind, they’re all laughing
And across these oceans, I can still hear you laughing
And I fall to my knees to cover my ears from the laughing

Lyric Oceans Of Soliloquy – Deinonychius