Of Feral Eyes – Epoch Of Unlight

As Trees Feel The Seasons Change
So I To Day Must Pain Again
Through Blackened Eyes I Watch
The Passing Grains Of Eight Fall By
By Northern Rites The Dawning Rays
Do All But Glimpse The One Who Knows
The Love Of Light Hast Died
And Left Her Child To Fend For Life Alone
I Rise
From My Own Fall
Unborn Upon This World
Now Stands A Lord To All
At Dusk The Shadows Fade Away
With Light’s Retreat To Darkened Numb
The Silver Mistress Starts Her Rise
And I Again Must Face The Night
A Host To One And Bane To All
The Times At Which I Feel Its Call
Imparting Impure Spilling Life
My Gauntlet Honed In Mortal Hide
Hide Fools
Your Thoughts Betray Your Life
The Hunt Excites The Blood
Which Bathes Your Flesh Upon The Tithe
Upon Their Knees, The Impotent Pray
Your God Has Come To Sate His Want
Shepherd To Man As Lupus To Flock
With Lambs The Sweetest Feast
Primal Dark – Fills The Skies
I Choose The One My Lusts To Try
The Sucking-Sex, Now Stilled In Death
While Near I Lay With Crimson Breast
In My Unrest
An Esoteric’s Dream Of God
The Crucified Have Died
Through Doors Of Time My Will Revealed

Lyric Of Feral Eyes – Epoch Of Unlight