Of Hells Fire – Marduk

And see the beauty and the power of the devils mark
The night always calls my name
Gaze into my eyes and see the shadows of the flames

Of hells fire
Torture and pain I desire
Let the flames reach higher
And lick the realms of the Nazarene liar

Dark reflections sweep the night a call from the depths of the earth
Antichrist is rising the image of Him to which hell gave birth
Necromantical chants are brought forth by the winds of the north
The message of destruction from Satan and his court

The toll of damnations bell
Open the gates to hell
I can feel the delightful smell
Of rotten souls who in darkness dwell

Thou – The archangel who fell from the heavenly empire
Thou – The hand that wound with evil and unholy desire
Thou – The black lord of the unlight to which we all belong
>From the deepest part of gehenna tormented soulos sings damnations song
Write my name with the slaughtered angels blood
As I step in the face of the fallen soldiers of god
All the children of Jehova will always be our prey
Beyond the pearly gates we shall crush, rape destroy and slay

Grant us the first power
Up from hell we storm at the witching hour
Where we ride the soil turns sour

Lyric Of Hells Fire – Marduk