…Of Impurity – Desaster

Calling the dogs for war
Pure denial of life
Preaching cheap holy law
Resurrection by demonic blackness
Infinity rapes their minds
As disease to crawl on the earth
As disease embracing us all
Holy curse:embracing us all!

Foolish saints, feeble leaders
Their idols enslaved to a cross
Fallen victim your roots betrayed
Damned to receive the plague of gods

Holy curse:embracing us all!

Prepared to meet thy entity
To reign not serve the eternity
Forget about immortality
Inner strength as true infinity
Within The Fires Of Impurity
Within The Fires Of Impurity

Wasted years laid to rest
But now our eyes can see
Blinded but healed
Evolution takes supreme

Forgotten wisdoms drowned in sin and fear
Lost in joking losers play
In blood maybe equal but in heart we are not
Damned by the sons of fear
I deny to serve a lie
I deny this eternal life
I deny your path of following
And we will not pay for your self imposed sins

Lyric …Of Impurity – Desaster