Of Vision And Mental Derangement – Darkside

Rush Of Womans’ Robe Turns Me To Stone
In The Door The Nightly Silhuette
Upon My Head A Rising Shade Of Death

I Sank With Stoned Mouth In The Garden Of Stars
Shades Of Murder Came Over Me
With Purple Brows I Went To The Wood
Gods Rage Slashing My Tortured Neck
Heart Ringing Softly Through The Dark
Night Fell And My Heart Cristally Broke
Darkness Slahing My Sweating Brows
White Angels Figure Appeared

Black Skies Of Metal
Crosses Wave In Red Storms
A Beam Freezes In The Clouds
And I Go Down
In Satans’sweet Damnation

Hate Burns My Heart
My Unbroken Force
My Overshadowed Face
The Stiffeling Air
Of Lust And Pain

I Recognize
The True Nature In My
Sweetness Of Pain Drives My

Lyric Of Vision And Mental Derangement – Darkside