Americana – Offspring

Where strip malls abound and diversion’s mere moments away Where culture’s defined by the Ones least refined And you’ll be […]

Elders – Offspring

There always seemed like some Some perfect mold That we’re supposed to be But now we’re growing up and I […]

We Are One – Offspring

We don’t give a shit about anyone else Well it won’t be long until our day in the sun is […]

Want You Bad – Offspring

You would know the things between us, ain’t right I know your arms are open wide But you’re a little […]

Come Out And Play – Offspring

Like the latest fashion Like a spreading disease The kids are strappin’ on their way to the classroom Getting weapons […]

Session – Offspring

I don’t know how long she’s gonna stay Every week it’s the same in her room That’s why I came […]

Pay The Man – Offspring

Lives are intertwined Watch the way the world goes The man deals out our plight Jester in the corner Laughs […]

Gone Away – Offspring

I could find you there Pulled away before your time I can’t deal it’s so unfair And it feels And […]

Not The One – Offspring

I’m not the one who caused the problems started long ago But now I deal with all the consequences that […]

Feelings – Offspring

Nothing more than feelings Trying to forget my Feelings of hate Imagine Beating on your face Trying to forget my […]

No Brakes – Offspring

I don’t give a shit If I even ever wake up in the morning Down below There’s a pile of […]

Burn It Up – Offspring

I think I’ll take a little ride I’m gonna light up everything in sight I’ll drive on by your yard […]

Dirty Magic – Offspring

I think she wants me only She said,” Come over right away.” But she’s just not that way Her little […]

I Choose – Offspring

Off of a cliff now I can still hear my mama yelling No No No But the words mean nothing […]

L. A. P. D. – Offspring

But the L. A. story’s gone way out of hand Their acts of aggression, they say they’re justified But it […]

All I Want – Offspring

The powers that be just Breathe down your neck You get no respect You get no relief You gotta speak […]

Genocide – Offspring

Through the rain I see you in the sun Our star shines anyway If you reach out darling we are […]