Not The One – Offspring

I’m not the one who caused the problems started long ago But now I deal with all the consequences that troubles our times I carry on and never once have even questioned why I’m innocent But the wieght of the world is on my shoulders I’m innocent But the battles started are far from over […]

Cool To Hate – Offspring

I hate a lot of people that are lame I like to hate stuff Cause then I don’t havae to try and make A change I hate teachers I hate school I hate the cheerleaders And anyone who’s cool I hate the office I hate the Quad Don’t wanna learn nothing I want to be […]

Feelings – Offspring

Nothing more than feelings Trying to forget my Feelings of hate Imagine Beating on your face Trying to forget my Feelings of hate Feelings For all my life i’ll feel it I wish I’d never met you You’ll make me sick again Feelings, oh oh feelings Of hate on my mind Feelings Feelings like I […]

What Happened To You? – Offspring

But now you don’t get even the simplest of things I can draw a little picture Or even use my hands I try to explain but you just don’t understand Chorus Man you’re really losin’ it And you’ve really done a lot of junk now But you keep on abusin’ it What in the world […]

Why Don’t You Get A Job? – Offspring

Man he hates that bitch He tells me every day He says “man I really gotta lose my chick In the worst kind of way” She sits on her ass He works his hands to the bone To give her money every payday But she wants more dinero just to stay at home Well my […]

No Brakes – Offspring

I don’t give a shit If I even ever wake up in the morning Down below There’s a pile of sin Always waiting for a Waiting for a warning Burned at the stake Inside I’m blistering Not a whisper Looking in you’d never know it Miles below I look up again When you snap they […]

Burn It Up – Offspring

I think I’ll take a little ride I’m gonna light up everything in sight I’ll drive on by your yard And throw a Molotov cocktail at your car Then another one in the local bar Chorus: Ignition They call it an obsession but I think it’s kinda bitchin’ I think it’s kinda neat Yeah, I’m […]

Dirty Magic – Offspring

I think she wants me only She said,” Come over right away.” But she’s just not that way Her little soul is tolen See her put on her brand new face Chorus: Pull the shades Razor blades You’re so tragic I hate you so but love you more I’m so elastic The things you say […]

Conspiracy Of One – Offspring

It’s one last fatal scene Brought on by Someone unseen Moving on their own Bring on the night And bring us all to our knees ??? The one who acts alone Chorus: Nobody wins Nobody hears us fall Nobody wins when it’s done Conspiracy of one Bring on the night And bring us all to […]

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) – Offspring

Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh Give it to me baby, uh huh, uh huh And all the girlies say I’m pretty fly for a white guy Uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco seis You know it’s kind of hard Just to get along today Our subject isn’t cool But he fakes […]

I Choose – Offspring

Off of a cliff now I can still hear my mama yelling No No No But the words mean nothing Can’t catch up to me now And the view is so beautiful All the way down When I was a little boy Suckin’ juice from a bottle Believing my perceptions were oh so real But […]

L. A. P. D. – Offspring

But the L. A. story’s gone way out of hand Their acts of aggression, they say they’re justified But it seems an obsession has started from the inside They’re shooting anyone who even tries to run They’re shooting little kids with toy guns Take it to a jury but they don’t give a damn Because […]

Demons (a Mexican Fiesta) – Offspring

Like an eye that shows impending doom Tension in this misty air Souls pass into the room Drawn in by a lost memory You will join them in the moonlight You are my offering Your soul transcends The centuries of pain Your misery in life Is your ecstasy in death Time passes like the wind […]

Get It Right – Offspring

You just gotta give what you can But I know for what I want it don’t come easy as that They say, “Look out, boy Tomorrow comes and things will look better by then.” But I’ll look out the window Then look in the mirror at the same old me again Chorus: Still can’t get […]

All I Want – Offspring

The powers that be just Breathe down your neck You get no respect You get no relief You gotta speak up And yell out your piece So back off your rules Back off your jive Cause I’m sick of not living To stay alive Leave me alone I’m not asking a lot I just don’t […]

Kick Him When He’s Down – Offspring

I say as I move aside (Like I really need your advice) But you won’t leave it alone Little men try but don’t get a lot done Living in sin doesn’t move me either way I get a feeling you’re so vague Like I said before LIttle men come when anything goes Chorus: When the […]

Self Esteem – Offspring

And practice all the things I would say But she came over I lost my nerve I took her back and made her dessert Now I know I’m being used That’s okay man cause I like the abuse I know she’s playing with me That’s okay cause I got no self esteem We make plans […]

It’ll Be A Long Time – Offspring

So many days it was Back and forth we would sway Making it up was fun Through the pale reflection we each Hold the world above these dreams Eager to leave Well seeing’s believing It’s always the way it goes Chorus When will we ever listen to reason I have a feeling it’ll be a […]

Nothing From Something – Offspring

They never seem to let it be It seems like everything I say just starts another fight The pressure’s building up inside I gotta let it out tonight Shattered glass will cure my ills and make me feel alright Chorus: Gonna break it And never stop running, yeah Making nothing from something, yeah Making nothing […]

Genocide – Offspring

Through the rain I see you in the sun Our star shines anyway If you reach out darling we are one Chorus One two three four Dog eat dog everyday On our fellow man we prey Dog eat dog to get by Hope you like my genocide I find it’s such a shame Through the […]