Not My Slave – Oingo Boingo

I thought about the ghost that we left behind. With everyone around telling us what to do with deafening sound […]

Hey! – Oingo Boingo

You know those damn kids drive me crazy every day But all I ever think is something to complain… And […]

Glory Be – Oingo Boingo

Nothing ever stays the same Water’s flowing down my side Turn the water into wine Where’s the courage I once […]

Skin – Oingo Boingo

Someone that I never knew This is someone else’s body Am I getting through to you If you peel away […]

Capitalism – Oingo Boingo

There’s nothing wrong with free enterprise Don’t try to make me feel guilty I’m so tired of hearing you cry […]

Home Again – Oingo Boingo

Won’t someone help her – somebody give her a hand she’s got such sweet eyes – look like they’ve seen […]

Pain – Oingo Boingo

Your problems they will soon be gone (we soak up lots of pain), yeah If life is a reflecting pool–then […]

Change – Oingo Boingo

If it does it’s for the worse, seems it’s just a modern curse Sometimes when I take a peek outside […]

Is This – Oingo Boingo

Another face that looks like mine Another soul for all to see Is this reality?? If I could only find […]

My Life – Oingo Boingo

But sometimes I’m afraid that it’s not meant to be I would like to believe in something higher But I […]

Water – Oingo Boingo

I’m the cat’s meow since I don’t know when I’m an instigator from a dead man’s town So when did […]

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