Old Earth – Sepultura

We gamble with life fighting tribes after tribes
Colors and races misplaced in the spaces
We’re falling, we’re crawling, we’re crying, denying

Heavy rain shaking ground, no roots will be found
Hate from my mother, the limits of mankind
We’re lying, we’re dying, destroying

The earth is rotting, the earth is rotting
Rot old old earth
The earth is growing, it keeps on growing
Rot old old earth

Believing in gods and spirits that can save us
Shout to the skies and disturbing the peace
We’re rioting, we’re shouting, we’re killing, denying

Involved in our minds but not by our own actions
Consume all the wealth, there’s no hope for redemption
We’re burning, we’re cutting, destroying

Can you feel? Can you feel it leave!
The earth is rotting, the earth is rotting

Lyric Old Earth – Sepultura