Performer OLEANDER

Tightrope – Oleander

If you’re lost in a crowd Can’t hear advice If you’re screaming out loud For someone please listen to me […]

I Walk Alone – Oleander

i canЎЇt take this anymore and iЎЇm almost pretty sure iЎЇve been here before i canЎЇt take this any longer […]

Unwind – Oleander

Check your head this train is wrecking In time Unwind Everyone just take it easy I don’t like the way […]

Lost Cause – Oleander

even if we say we do, it donЎЇt mean that we will it donЎЇt mean that weЎЇre going to even […]

Come To Say – Oleander

But glad to be away and free From all the pain you’ve known Inside you feel you’ve grown If you […]

How Could I? – Oleander

memories and silence fills each room overwhelming heavy as the tidal waves consume buried underneath the dust & gloom relics […]

Benign – Oleander

To state just for the record That you’ve done your best to do nothing at all And that you stood […]

Champion – Oleander

For everything you are For everything you were For always taking care For always making sure For never giving up […]

Halo – Oleander

That to the surface brings The comfort in the pain The fear behind the smile We lose along the way […]

Goodbye – Oleander

Anything that you need Anything that you haven’t gotten yet That you want from me Everything that you are And […]

Never Again – Oleander

some of us never see the light until itЎЇs out of sight give up without a fight some of use […]

Stupid – Oleander

so sad to hear that you donЎЇt want to hang around with me so lame to see you leave and […]