Suddenly – Olivia Newton-John

She walks in and I’m suddenly a hero I’m taken in my hopes begin to rise Look at me can’t you tell I’d be so Thrilled to see the message in your eyes You make it seem I’m so close to my dream And then suddenly it’s all there Suddenly the wheels are in motion […]

Home Ain’t Home Anymore – Olivia Newton-John

I’ve seen so many smiling faces today But just what lies behind them I can’t see I’ve lived my life in many places, you see Now I don’t know just where I wanna be ‘Cause home ain’t home anymore, no more My heart ain’t here anymore, no more The years have opened up a canyon […]

Soul Kiss – Olivia Newton-John

Soul kiss You left me dreaming Now I wonder are things just what they seem Well, I get down on my knees (and beg you, baby) Get down on my knees Soul kiss Some nights you get me wondering Is this the way This is a hunger Well, I get down on my knees (and […]

It’s So Easy – Olivia Newton-John

Bringing it on yourself Bringing it on yourself All the promises you made to me You know can never be Shouldn’t have been so nice Shouldn’t have been so nice Oh, you should’ve known my love would grow Now I just can’t let go Now I just can’t let go It’s so easy to say […]

Can’t We Talk It Over In Bed – Olivia Newton-John

Harsh words are spoken Promises are broken Old wounds are opened And love walks out that door Too proud to make up You’re ready to break up Too late you’ll wake up And love walks out that door Baby, oh sweet baby I didn’t mean a word I said You know that I love you […]

Taking Our Own Sweet Time – Olivia Newton-John

Taking our own sweet time Love, it comes easy Nothing better to do Baby, just me and you Taking our own sweet time People forget that they’re young Everything’s old pat ‘Cause they don’t know where it’s at We got the secret of life in the palm of our hand We don’t bury our heads […]

Free The People – Olivia Newton-John

Free the people from the fire Pull the boat out of the raging sea Tell the Devil he’s a liar Come and save the likes of me Saw your light from the street As I passed by the other day I was scared, my knees were weak Forgot what I had come to say Free […]

Big And Strong – Olivia Newton-John

Strong man strangles universe–he drowns the stars Blinded by the mission of a thousand wars He’s fit and dominant–no wonder why He loves the battle cry Strong man is survivor–he lives to pound Little wooden crosses in the bloody ground He’s fit and dominant–his will is truth His hand is absolute And the world keeps […]

And In The Morning – Olivia Newton-John

In the early morning when I’m lying by your side Doubts go through my mind, thoughts I try to hide Lying there I wonder if your love for me is real Or just another fantasy Then I try to think about the way things used to be Misty memories, hazy like a dream All we […]

Coolin’ Down – Olivia Newton-John

Take all the time that you need to be certain Say nothing till you can say what you mean Don’t stay with me just to save me from hurtin’ I may be young but I’m not green I’m in no hurry for the show To hear what I already know ‘Cause you’ve been coolin’ down […]

The Twelfth Of Never – Olivia Newton-John

You ask me how much I need you Must I explain I need you oh my darling Like roses need rain You ask how long I’ll love you I’ll tell you true Until the Twelfth of Never I’ll still be loving you Hold me close Never let me go Hold me close Melt my heart […]

Carried Away – Olivia Newton-John

There you are Shiny as a morning star It’s a figure of speech But you’re still out of reach You never told me loving you could be so wrong and right And it’s gonna be a lonely night I turn to you You turn away You’re looking at someone else And here am I Loving […]

Water Under The Bridge – Olivia Newton-John

Yesterday the rains came down, there was darkness all around They told me you had gone to find a new life But you left no word of where you’d gone, I fell right to the ground And I needed all the help I could get to set me on my feet again Water under the […]

Hands Across The Sea – Olivia Newton-John

And there’ll be hands, hands across the sea Touching everybody, joining you and me If we could build a new horizon I’d like to see some changes made When nations hear the voice of reason And all the world live unafraid And there’ll be hands, hands across the sea People joined as one, innocent and […]

A Thousand Conversations – Olivia Newton-John

A thousand conversations on a never ending theme Seem to linger in my mind like the fragments of a dream That was once a part of you and remains a part of me It’s the unreal world we lived in that was born of fantasy You whiled away the hours, making promises that might Have […]

Wrap Me In Your Arms – Olivia Newton-John

Understand I am afraid on my feet Show me a seat And give me a chance to recover my strength And at length I will join in the dance As you can see I’m all out of time So scared to stand and swing with the band Won’t you give me your hand You seem […]

Reach Out For Me – Olivia Newton-John

When you go through a day And the things that people say They make you feel so small They make you feel that Your heart will just never stop aching And when you just can’t accept the abuse you are taking Darlin’ reach out for me Don’t you worry, I’ll see you through You just […]

Goodbye Again – Olivia Newton-John

It’s five o’clock this morning and the sun is on the rise There’s frosting on the window pane and sorrow in your eyes The stars are fading quietly, the night is nearly gone You slowly turn away from me and tears begin to come And it’s Goodbye again, I’m sorry to be leaving you Goodbye […]

You Were Great, How Was I? – Olivia Newton-John

I’ll never learn I cling to the past I find so much there to lean on But when I get lucky I can even forget Our now and forevers are gone I know what you mean I go there myself When I feel the mood coming on It comes on so easy It’s hard to […]

Small Talk And Pride – Olivia Newton-John

We never really had the chance to let each other know We never really had the time to let our feelings show Small talk kept us going When the only words to say Were how I long to hold you Pride locked the words away I never had the confidence to think that you could […]

Falling – Olivia Newton-John

You won’t regret falling The bruises you get falling Will all fade away Don’t analyze falling Don’t try being wise falling Forget all your plans They’re out of your hands You’re falling, falling, falling Blindly you go falling The last one to know you’re falling You suddenly see There’s no way to fight falling No […]

Suspended In Time – Olivia Newton-John

A child and a fool in one So sure I could need no one My heart always on the run to nowhere Now as you’re holding me My heart is reminding me That now I could never be without you But how can our love succeed A miracle is what we need And so I […]

New-Born Babe – Olivia Newton-John

New-born babe Don’t know nothing ’bout the ways of the world Or astronauts upon the moon, or witches on brooms New-born babe Don’t know nothing ’bout the politics of people Or chess pieces, or old churches You just know your mother New-born babe Don’t know nothing ’bout the way it’s gonna be Or clown faces […]

Rosewater – Olivia Newton-John

In my room, where I used to sleep with you Things have changed All that’s left are the memories of two Two who loved and dreamed where The trees seem to whisper your name But I don’t like to go there ‘Cause Rosewater no longer feels the same Through the glass The sun shows the […]

Silvery Rain – Olivia Newton-John

Butterflies danced on invisible strings Showing wings they borrowed from a rainbow And a blackbird on high sang a praise to the sky While a light aeroplane sprayed the fields With a silvery rain Furry backed bees with a tireless drone Never moan, they’re happy to be working And a grasshopper green could be heard […]

Landslide – Olivia Newton-John

Cold winds rarely blow Here at the end of the rainbow Guess it’s hard to believe I’d be willing to leave Someone walked up behind me Seemed to find me I felt him standing there, I turned around and Saw the face of an angel, I fell It wasn’t fair, it just wasn’t fair He […]

Slow Dancing – Olivia Newton-John

It’s late at night and we’re all alone With just the music of the radio No one’s comin’, no one’s gonna telephone Just me and him and the lights down low And we’re slow dancing, swaying to the music Slow dancing, just me and my guy Slow dancing, swaying to the music No one else […]

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Olivia Newton-John

You think the world should see things your way Love, I know you, you think good fortune’s here to stay Love, I know you shined in everything you tried before Your smile can open any door But on those days when nobody wants to know you And all your smiles keep falling on stoney ground […]

Freddy, My Love – Olivia Newton-John

Freddy, My Love, please keep in touch while you’re away. Hearing from you can make the day so much better, Getting a souvenir or maybe a letter. I really flipped over the grey cashmere sweater, Freddy, My Love. (Freddy, My Love, Freddy, My Love, Freddy, My Love) Freddy, you know your absence makes me feel […]

I Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight – Olivia Newton-John

Just one innocent smile that I could have missed That’s all it took to start all this One word so softly spoken when I needed it most Why you, why right now, who knows? And I don’t know why this is happenin’ Why it feels so right But I do know I don’t wanna say […]

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