The Air That I Breathe – Olivia Newton-John

If I could make a wish, I think I’d pass Can’t think of anything I need No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound Nothing to eat, no books to read Making love with you has left me peaceful, warm, and tired What more could I ask, there’s nothing left to be desired Peace came […]

Hopelessly Devoted To You – Olivia Newton-John

Guess mine is not the first heart broken My eyes are not the first to cry I’m not the first to know There’s just no getting over you You know I’m just a fool who’s willing To sit around and wait for you But, baby, can’t you see There’s nothing else for me to do? […]

Take Me Home, Country Roads – Olivia Newton-John

Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, Mountain Mama Take me home, country roads Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoe River Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains Growing like the breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West […]

Gimme Some Lovin’ – Olivia Newton-John

Well my temperature is rising and my feet left the floor Crazy people knockin’ cause they’re wantin’ some more Let me in baby, I don’t know what you’ve got But you’d better take it easy, this place is hot And I’m so glad we made it So glad we made it Oh won’t you Gimme […]

If You Could Read My Mind – Olivia Newton-John

If you could read my mind, love What a tale my thoughts could tell Just like an old-time movie About a ghost from a wishing well In a castle dark or a fortress strong With chains upon my feet You know that ghost is me And I will never be set free As long as […]

Never Enough – Olivia Newton-John

Twelve hours a day ain’t such a long time It’s only a means to an end He thinks that his pay will buy her devotion But he’s only payin’ for her to pretend What more can he do but give her his heart Wrapped up in a love so sincere Lookin’ around at all that […]

Fight For Our Love – Olivia Newton-John

I don’t want to cry I don’t want to say goodbye But I will if you won’t fight for our love It takes more than sayin’ I love you We need more than words to get us through I need to feel that you will fight for our love We have a history A passionate […]

Dancin’ ‘Round And ‘Round – Olivia Newton-John

I’m gonna go out tonight Gonna feel alright If it tears me right in two ‘Cause I just can’t stay feeling this way With a heart that’s full of you I’m gonna go right down To a part of town Where I’ve never been before And in some small place Find a brand new face […]

Car Games – Olivia Newton-John

Have you seen them Playing car games Revving up your heart Before the lights change Have you been there And not been aware That you are the victim Of a highway love affair Thru your window There’s a stranger Cruising right beside you Courting danger When your eyes meet For one second you believe You’re […]

If You Love Me (Let Me Know) – Olivia Newton-John

You came when I was happy in your sunshine I grew to love you more each passing day Before too long I built my world around you And I prayed you’d love enough of me to stay If you love me let me know If you don’t then let me go I can’t take another […]

Leaving – Olivia Newton-John

Nothing is moving, all the world is still No birds are singing and they never will Cause you’re leaving No doors are open, the sun doesn’t smile There’s no sign of laughter, it rains all the while And I’m grieving Cause you’re leavin’, leavin’ Food doesn’t tempt me No coffee or cakes, everything’s empty My […]

Grease – Olivia Newton-John

I solve my problems and I see the light We got a lovin’ thing, we gotta feed it right There ain’t no danger we can go to far We start believing now that we can be what we are Grease is the word They think our love is just a growing pain Why don’t they […]

Borrowed Time – Olivia Newton-John

I saw the light but it was too late, too late I wanted to fight but it was too great, too great to fight it Guess I’m loving on borrowed time Didn’t know that you could not be mine I’m the fool I guess I’m the fool I guess I started to cry but I […]

Please Mr. Please – Olivia Newton-John

In the corner of the bar there stands a jukebox With the best of country music, old and new You can hear your five selections for a quarter And somebody else’s songs when yours are through I got good Kentucky whiskey on the counter And my friends around to help me ease the pain ‘Til […]

No Regrets – Olivia Newton-John

I know your leaving’s too long overdue For far too long I’ve had nothing new to show to you Goodbye dry eyes I watched your plane fade off west of the moon And it felt so strange to walk away alone No regrets No tears goodbye Don’t want you back We’d only cry again Say […]

There Are Worse Things I Could Do – Olivia Newton-John

Than go with a boy or two Even though the neighborhood Thinks I’m trashy and no good I suppose it could be true But there are worse things I could do I could flirt with all the guys Smile at them and bat my eyes Press against them when we dance Make them think they […]

If We Try – Olivia Newton-John

When I see you on the street I lose my concentration And just the thought that we might meet Creates anticipation Won’t you look my way once before you go And my eyes will say what you ought to know Well, I’ve been thinking about you day and night And I don’t know if it […]

Help Me Make It Through The Night – Olivia Newton-John

Take the ribbon from my hair Shake it loose and let it fall Lay it soft against your skin Like the shadows on the wall Come and lay down by my side Till the early morning light All I’m takin’ is your time Help me make it through the night I don’t care who’s right […]

Queen Of The Publication – Olivia Newton-John

Something strange is going on And you’re in the middle I’ll do anything to solve the riddle I’ve got a city editor Put me on a deadline If I don’t come through I’m on the breadline I’ll invade your privacy Please don’t take it personally I’m oh so sorry But the reader’s got a right […]

Hey Mr. Dreammaker – Olivia Newton-John

Jody’s gone now, I cried a lot He had to go away Oh but I miss him, I want to kiss him Ain’t it just the way But it’s no way at all Cause if you knew what I’m going through you’d know There’s one thing wrong with the way I’m living Ain’t got my […]

Make A Move On Me – Olivia Newton-John

I can tell you got plans for me And your eyes are saying you made them carefully But tonight I have to say there just might be another way Won’t you spare me all the charms and take me in your arms I can’t wait, I can’t wait I’m the one you want, that’s all […]

Lovers – Olivia Newton-John

Once they were lovers but now they’re not friends She’s found another–he says it’s the end To think they once tore down the wall for a door But now they don’t speak anymore So he walks the streets–the few nights he can stand Drinking her memory away when he can Friends once would reach out […]

Amoureuse – Olivia Newton-John

Strands of light on our bedroom floor Change the night through an open door I’m awake but this is not my home For the first time I’m not alone Reaching out I touch another’s skin Breathing out as he’s breathing in Deep inside I feel my soul aflame Can my life ever be the same […]

Loving Arms – Olivia Newton-John

If you could see me now The one who said that she’d rather roam The one who said she’d rather be alone If you could only see me now If I could hold you now Just for a moment if I could make you mine Just for a while turn back the hands of time […]

Someday – Olivia Newton-John

There’s only one way to go when you’re up too high You’ve gotta come down; you’ve gotta come down And there’s only one way of saying the word goodbye You’ve gotta come down; you’ve gotta come down You’ve gotta be sure you’re not throwing your life away You know I can say you’ll regret it […]

Let Me Be There – Olivia Newton-John

Wherever you go Wherever you may wander in your life Surely you know I always wanna be there Holding you hand And standing by to catch you when you fall Seeing you through In everything you do Let me be there in your morning Let me be there in you night Let me change whatever’s […]

Have Love–Will Travel – Olivia Newton-John

Yesterday it was all over Thought I’d lost the love of my life He took a one-way ticket on an east-bound train Told me he was never coming back again But I just got a telegram that read Hey Have love–will travel That’s all it had to say Have love–will travel He’s on his way […]

Precious Love – Olivia Newton-John

In this world where life keeps changin’ Nothin’ ever seems to be enough I kept on, my soul was searchin’ Lookin’ for something that would fill me up I have always felt a yearnin’ Somethin’ inside me was unsatisfied Precious love you woke my heart up It’s been sleepin’ for such a long time This […]

Closer To Me – Olivia Newton-John

I know that in time I can handle this a little better But what can I do if your heart won’t let her go There are times I mean everything to you Life can be so sweet when I do You know… You gotta know There’s a better way to do this dance Come and […]

Love Make Me Strong – Olivia Newton-John

There’s no power capable of Coming between us–dividing our love To be faithful I have sworn Together we can weather the storm Our tomorrows are ticking away Our hands are tied–we’re victims of fate In my darkness I will pray For destiny to send me your way Love make me strong Give me the strength […]

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