Performer OMEN

The Axeman – Omen

Nor did he fear the beast of fire… He feared… THE AXEMAN!! Once we lose our precious dream there’s nothing […]

Death Rider – Omen

Rape another village before the break of light Trample down the ashes grind them with your hate Take another heplpess […]

Be My Wench – Omen

Bearing the gifts of sex and wine with a burning embrace Long wavy hair of flaxen gold surrounds me in […]

Die By The Blade – Omen

Journey into the darkness beyond southern lights A mission of vengeance and terror we are the reign You live by […]

Dragon’s Breath – Omen

Watch the smoke that’s rising a sign that more shall die The beast has taken many the ashes tell the […]

Last Rites – Omen

Shadows of steel fall silent in the gloom one last full moon The future is lost payment for the crime […]