Category: OMEN

Dragon’s Breath – Omen

Watch the smoke that’s rising a sign that more shall die The beast has taken many the ashes tell the tale Lord we ask for mercy and set out on the trail Chorus: Give us all sanctuary dragon’s breath we fear Shelter us from the burning dragon’s breath is near Spitting flame and fire dragon’s […]

Prince Of Darkness – Omen

Dreams are the place where you meet face to face With all of the fears that you know You walk in a daze you can’t see through the haze It’s time that you started to run Back through the ages you turn back the pages before God created the sun Chorus: Do you know his […]

Bring Out The Beast – Omen

Maybe you will take a chance not fearing what you’ll find Chorus: You bring out the beast in me woman you are hot and I’m on fire All night we set the world ablaze you bring out the beast in me Your eyes flash intention you move into my sights I will deliver the hardness […]

Last Rites – Omen

Shadows of steel fall silent in the gloom one last full moon The future is lost payment for the crime there’s no way out this time Chorus: No sound from the gallows no sound from the shadows tall Only silence till morning only silence till churchbells toll No sound from the gallows You feel the […]