One Day You’ll Be Mine – Usher

Come on
I’m sayin’
You gon’ be mine

First time I saw you baby
You did something to me
That no else has ever done
Ah baby – Something in your eyes
Caught me by surprise
And told me that you were the one
Ah baby – And what’s bad is I know you get on man

But he’ll never understand
The chemistry between me and you – Ah baby
Something inside of me
It’s saying you and I were meant to be
If you can think it you can have it
That’s why I believe


One day you’ll be mine (mine)
No morecreepin’, sleepin’ around
No whispering when he’s around

Now every time I see you baby
It’s plain to see
That I’m everything you’ve been missin at
Home Ohhh
So much love to share
It’s something in the air
Tellin’ me I should never leave you alone

Lyric One Day You’ll Be Mine – Usher