Mercy – OneRepublic

How did you find me? Where did you read my story? Pulled from the papers Desperate and hardened seeking a moment every fix All I wanted to say All I wanted to do Is fall apart now All I wanted to feel I wanted to love Its all my fault now A Tradegy I fear […]

Apologize – OneRepublic

Got me ten feet off the ground I’m hearin what you say but I just can’t make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait You tell me that you’re sorry Didn’t think I’d turn around, and say… It’s too late to apologize, it’s too […]

Come Home – OneRepublic

Hello world Hope you’re listening Forgive me if I’m young For speaking out of turn There’s someone I’ve been missing I think that they could be The better half of me They’re in their own place trying to make it right But I’m tired of justifying So i say you’ll.. [Chorus] Come home Come home […]

Hearing Voices – OneRepublic

I’m gonna start with this Just a single thought followed by words I hope I don’t miss, miss anything Write you a letter, but it’s better that you hear me, I suppose I could sing, write a song to share the meaning Of the love for you I’m feeling People saying what they will… I […]

Say (All I Need) – OneRepublic

Do you think you can find it? Or did you trade it for something Somewhere better just to have it? Do you know where your love is? Do you think that you lost it? You felt it so strong, but Nothing’s turned out how you wanted Well, bless my soul You’re a lonely soul Cause […]

All Fall Down – OneRepublic

That’s the sound (that’s the sound) on your window pane Take to the streets but you can’t ignore That’s the sound (that’s the sound) you’re waiting for You feel that your will starts crashing down Whenever you’re will starts crashing down Whenver your will starts crashing down That’s when you find me. Yeah God love […]

Sleep – OneRepublic

Walk by the scene again, just to see what people see Caught in your stubborn hold, and I’m so far from home So turn the lights on, turn the lights on Turn the lights on for me Keep the lights on, keep the lights on Keep thelights on for me Don’t go to sleep Lost […]