Only Human – Utopia

It’s only human to despise yourself when you’re weak
I don’t know why
but that’s the way that it’s always been
And I play by the rules I don’t understand at all

It’s only human to be lazy and vain
It’s only human to expect a world that’s just as vain
I don’t know why
I want to believe that it’s not that way
But I’m Johnny come lately, it’s not my place to say

There’s no escape, tell me why do they try so hard?

And I pretend that I’m invincible, that I can go it all alone
But I’m only human, trying to get by
And praying to heaven I might find out why am I human
Mere flesh and blood
Afraid to go on without someone to hold me up

It’s just a human thing to fear the unknown
But isn’t it a tragic thing to live and die alone
Oh Lord look at the world,
have you ever seen so much misery?
Like a ghost ship of fools, lost and floating out to sea

And they climb and they fall

Lyric Only Human – Utopia