Performer OPETH

Deliverance – Opeth

crept up the caverns of my brain receving no warning from nothing to a life code walk with me, you’ll […]

The Lotus Eater – Opeth

For hopeless delight. After all you fell in love with death, Life has aborted. All you’ve had and all you […]

Face Of Melinda – Opeth

The face of Melinda neath blackened hair No joy would flicker in her eyes Brooding sadness came to a rise […]

Forest Of October – Opeth

Forever shadowing the sunrise of my heart Wings leave their nests at my coming Swaying away unto the cold glowing […]

Blackwater Park – Opeth

Of the tragedies in man Lurking in the core of us all The last dying call for the everlost Brief […]

Hope Leaves – Opeth

There hangs a lonely photograph There is no reason I’d never notice A memory that could hold me back There […]

Den Standiga Resan – Opeth

Nдr jag tдnker pе den stдndiga resan genom livet Nдr det alltid kдnns som hцst Dе vдnder sig vinden sakta […]

Harvest – Opeth

Rise above the vile Name my final rest Poured into my chest Into the orchard I walk peering way past […]

Moonlapse Vertigo – Opeth

Lost sight of everything tonight My presence blackens their pattern A pock in the healthy and calm Their scorn behind […]

Ghost Of Perdition – Opeth

Lingering death Ghost on Mother’s bed Black strands on the pillow Contour of her health Twisted face upon the head […]

Burden – Opeth

Carried a burden inside Some will ask goodbye A broken line but underlined There’s an ocean of sorrow in you […]

Beneath The Mire – Opeth

Can’t sleep to the scraping of his voice Nature’s way struck grief in me And I became a ghost in […]

Godhead’s Lament – Opeth

Staining the soil, midst of stillness Beloved fraternity to an end Red eyes probe the scene All the same Stilted […]

Heir Apparent – Opeth

Slow waste Sew lies Sow hate So many years to clean the slate Endless despair within its wake His touch […]

Hessian Peel – Opeth

When their mother dies And in the autumn of their lives Will they feel the same? [reversed lyrics 2:03-2:22] The […]

Coil – Opeth

She told me why She told me lies Always take care of this I told her how I’ve always stayed […]

Nectar – Opeth

Enduring yet another tale You tempt me again With your embrace, so tainted Within the night you beckon Cursing me […]

Benighted – Opeth

Here we’ll be gone So far away From our weak and crumbling lives Come into this night When days are […]

The Moor – Opeth

Fifteen alike since I was here Bathed in deep fog, blurring my trail Snuffing the first morning rays Weary from […]

Bleak – Opeth

Heart still beating for the cause Feeding Soul still feeding from the loss Aching Limbs are aching from the rush […]

Advent – Opeth

A parlour strode, and the night sets forever I stray in the quiet cold And you gird me when I […]

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