Clumsy – Our Lady Peace

that keeps you awake hide the telephone in case, you realize that sometimes you’re not okay you level off but […]

Shaking – Our Lady Peace

it’s time for you to leave you never had many friends and you thought this was all right you’re rushing […]

Sorry – Our Lady Peace

Today’s the blood from a stone Today’s a light from a candle Helping us to find our way home Today […]

Annie – Our Lady Peace

A little too quiet You’re the mixed up girl That everybody leaves behind A little bit weird A little too […]

Blister – Our Lady Peace

Lately I can’t breathe Waiting they’re chasing me No one listens but I’m OK with it Only I wonder why […]

Not Enough – Our Lady Peace

Nothing you can do There’s nothing in between You know the truth Nothing left to face There’s nothing left to […]

Naveed – Our Lady Peace

did you want to escape, try to escape the population? the pressure is deceiving, and for you particularly should we […]

Julia – Our Lady Peace

there are flowers in her hand but she doesn’t know why offered is advice to you but all you do […]

Life – Our Lady Peace

Was anybody there? Does anybody care? How many time have your friends let you down? Was anybody there? Did anybody […]