Middle Of Yesterday – Our Lady Peace

You feel the past It’s all the things you thought you had Oh, I woke up in hell today I woke up depressed and drained But that’s ok cause I promised not to hurt you again Apparantly I’m to blame But apparantly I’ve been framed My memory that won’t help me When it’s happening Out […]

The Birdman – Our Lady Peace

once he was there you never looked back how did you think that his words might just fade away he seemed harmless enough so you let him in and now you’ll pay i can’t see him but he’s stalking my thoughts how does it feel when you can’t concentrate? i just stare all of your […]

Is Anybody Home? – Our Lady Peace

There’s no use screaming Who thought we’d ever get this far Tonight, your faith has come down To money & a TV Psychics who’ve never been to mars And nazis breast feeding I know you must be upset I can’t find meaning I’m sorry, we’re sorry We’re all scared, all scared Hey is anybody home […]

Made Of Steel – Our Lady Peace

A punching bag, a piece of string, oh That reminds you not to think I found the note down in your car And its not your fault it gets this hard Gets this hard Hold your head high Don’t look down I’m by your side Won’t back down You wanted a hero tonight Well I’m […]

Somewhere Out There – Our Lady Peace

you were lonely and out of place. You were looking down on me, lost out in space. Laid underneath the stars, strung out and feeling brave. Watch the riddles glow, watch them float away. Down here in the atmosphere, garbage and city lights, you gotta save your tired soul, you gotta save our lives. Turn […]

Potato Girl – Our Lady Peace

I don’t know the reasons we ask why We hate, we push Recent tests show we are all misunderstood Something’s seizing You know you lost your mind You know we all need saving She found you late last night You feel the madness gaining You know you just can’t win You know this But I’m […]

All My Friends – Our Lady Peace

Alone on a hill They’re just looking down With violent minds out on loan They’re just not equipped Insistence We hope for the best Were not making sense in silence Wait for the day when you’re better than… In this silence, I’m not buying You’re not faking, you’re not… I guess we better hold on […]