Out Of Control – Oingo Boingo

When things get rough some think it’s easy to jump the ship. . .
You decide

I say–don’t throw it away
There’s about a million reasons why
Though you’ve heard them all before
And you’re getting very tired
Lay your head on my lap and I’ll sing you this lullaby

Don’t you know
That everyone around you
Has felt the pain you feel today
You’re out of control yeah–and you want someone to tell you
When you wake up in the morning it’ll only be a dream
You’re out of control. . .

There’s a cloud-rollin’ overhead and it seems to rain on no one else
There’s a black sun–casting a black shadow,
and I know you feel so all alone
You’re out of control–and you want the world to love you
Or maybe you just want a chance to let them know
That you live and breathe and suffer
And your back is in the corner and you’ve got nowhere to go

Nothin’ for nothin’–everything’s right at your fingertips–for a price
Who ever said that life on this planet would ever be paradise
I say–don’t throw it away, you’ve got too many things to say
If you throw your life, if you throw away your life. . .

Lyric Out Of Control – Oingo Boingo