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Snappin` & Trappin` (Featuring Killer Mike & J-Sweet) – OutKast

Our shit don’t mix like llao and lukewarm water Better make it hotter splash ice and watch it rock up I oughta duct tape your infant daughter Show y’all soldier ass niggaz I’m murder city’s Sargeant Slaughter Guaranteed to get more cut than a barber I betcha I’ll drill your heifer like Black & Decker […]

Ain`t No Thang – OutKast

A nigga ready from the get go (blowe, blowe, blowe) Y’all hear my shit go, it’s Andre. Can yo punk ass come out to play? Stay in your little hole, then coward duck your head You don’t know who you be fuckin with youse better off…dead Is what I say, best run the other way […]

Spread – OutKast

I don’t want to move too fast, but Can’t resist your sexy ass Just spread, spread for me (I can’t, I can’t wait to get you home) Don’t want to come on too strong, but I’ll play in you all day long Just spread, spread for me (I can’t, I can’t wait to get you […]

Wailin’ – OutKast

In the zone like keyser soze, always the usual suspect No check, all i got in this game is my respect And southern pride i be, checkin my fuckin head Scared, lookin up in your face, boi i see dead If you test like sat, then i guess that we may be, enemies In the […]

Bowtie (Ft Sleepy Brown And Jazze Pha) – OutKast

Fox fur on my back Bowtie ’round my neck That’s why they call me the gangsta mack In the Cadillac!! Yeah!! [Repeat] [Big Boi:] Nasty Noompsy Knightingale Fresh in that tuxedo Cumberbun with no suspenders My torpedo, you libido Need to chat (Chip, chop it up, shoot the breeze!) I’m your r-o-l-a-i-d-s, release the squeeze […]

Church – OutKast

Like why are we here? What the meanin to all of this? [Chorus: Big Boi] Sometimes life can keep you down, with your face all in the dirt (HALL-LE-LU-JAH) Now if you feel that left behind, need to get up and go to church (HALL-LE-LU-JAH) Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh (HALL-LE-LU-JAH) Ooooh, […]

Wheelz Of Steel – OutKast

Uhh As i sit in my b-boy stance With flip-flops and socks, and sweatpants We finna enhance your brain, check it out Verse one: big boi, andre Once upon a time not long ago When the playa from the pointe didn’t have no flow A nigga hit me for my tennis shoes, walkin to the […]

Crumblin` Erb – OutKast

Yessuh Let me dig into your brain, folks fallin like rain Property got me sellin thangs, guess I’m gon’ explain Jane is rolled up, no gangs be throwed up But still Andre got action, they Sweat like Keith, all on my teeth I take it upon myself to handle mine, thinkin that you gots ample […]

Two Dope Boyz (in A Cadillac) – OutKast

From the bottom of my lungs a nigga be blowin, spittin his game Comin up on ya from the south, the a-t-liens aint changed Cooler than most players claim to be A nigga that’s from the a-town see The home of the bankhead bounce, campbellton road and other city streets Enough of the verality, fallacy, […]

We Luv Deez Hoez – OutKast

From the weave to the fake eyes to the fake nails, down to the toes Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez Ha ha ha ha! We luv deez hoez [Big Boi] Don’t lie you love them, if you don’t you like them hoez a whole lot Just like your mama Sunday cookin’ turkey […]

Hootie Hoo – OutKast

OutKast Hootie Hoo [Big Boi] Hootie Hoo Follow the funk from the skunk and the dank that is crunk in the Dungeon It goes on and on and on, like that Goin out to the Jeeps and hoes in the ‘llac Ah suki, suki All day and day, any day, every damn day I be […]

Nathaniel – OutKast

Nigga gotta go on the got down Get the shit straight when i got damn get out Well shit This what really goin down Whassup my nigga another day the same shit Punk-ass c. o.’s on a nigga dick Got me up at three o’clock cookin nappy grits I’m a g from c. p. i […]

Player’s Ball – OutKast

Man.. the scene was so thick Low riders, Seventy-seven Sevilles, El Dawgs Nuttin but them ‘llacs All the players, all the hustlers I’m talking bout black man heaven heah, yknahmsayin? Yeah.. [Andre] It’s beginnin to look a lot like what? Follow my every step Take notes on how I crept, I’s bout ta go in […]

Claimin True – OutKast

Well it is I, the pimp playin nigga that you heard about Yeah, I got the money and a half a million dope houses I got the hookers on the go and playa rhymes that I fuck with I buy amps that pops my trunk swift I’ve been a player since the age of two […]

Gasoline Dreams (Featuring Khujo Goodie From Goodie Mob) – OutKast

[Hook] Don’t everybody like the smell of gasoline? Well burn motherfucka burn American Dream Don’t everybody like the taste of Apple Pie? We’ll snap for your slice of life I’m tellin’ ya why I hear that mother nature’s now on birth control The coldest pimp be looking for somebody to hold The highway up to […]

Happy Valentine’s Day – OutKast

My name is Cupid Valentino, the modern day Cupid And I just want to say one thing [Verse 1: Andre 3000] Happy Valentine’s Day Every day the 14th! I don’t think y’all heard me! I just wanna say Happy Valentine’s Day! Every day the 14th! Can y’all dig that? Now when arrows don’t penetrate, see […]

True Dat (Interlude) – OutKast

OutKast, pronounced out cast Adjective meaning homeless, or unaccepted in society But let’s look deeper than that Are you an OutKast? If you understand and feel the basic principles and fundamental truths contained within this muzik, you probably are If you think it’s all about pimpin hoes and slammin cadillac do’s You probably a cracker, […]

True Dat (Interlude) – OutKast

OutKast, pronounced out cast Adjective meaning homeless, or unaccepted in society But let’s look deeper than that Are you an OutKast? If you understand and feel the basic principles and fundamental truths contained within this muzik, you probably are If you think it’s all about pimpin hoes and slammin cadillac do’s You probably a cracker, […]

Chonkyfire – OutKast

And to them rudypoots don’t attempt to try this at home It’s just a poem until y’all learn right from wrong Kwow when to bless a situation, when to grab the chrome But it’s back on, another stormy night in atlanta, georgia Overcast, but on behalf of outkast, i cordially Invite you to an emotion […]

Tomb Of The Boom (Ft Konkrete, Big Gipp And Ludacris) – OutKast

Yo Just so you all know what time it is It’s your homeboy Straight from the A-T I ain’t even goin say the motherfucking rest You know We talk about it all day long baby We fin’a break you off with some brand new shit [C-Bone] This rap game lovely Konkrete play a part cause […]

Call Of Da Wild – OutKast

I’ll be comin around the ghetto when I come kickin one for the treble Y’all can’t stoop to my level, I’m like the devil or whatever I’m pickin up and throwin ’em down like dishes Call me Kenny Anderson cuz I slam those Southern bitches I ain’t braggin, folks draggin me up and down the […]

I`ll Call Before I Come (Featuring Boo & Eco) – OutKast

Nigga quit being so got damn selfish Put it in ya pelvis Let it work, gyrate, motivate Chorus: I’ll call before I come I won’t just pop over, out the blue I hope that you do too I’ll call before I come I won’t just won’t pop up over, out the blue No after you […]

Good Day, Good Sir – OutKast

[Andre] Ahhh, such sweet sound The Fiddler on the Fuckin’ Roof Is that Mr. Bentley Fonzworth? [Big Boi] Indeed it is Sir Good day, good sir How do you do? Look fine Fantastically well I am certainly not fine by far But you could say I’m close to spectacular Close to spectacular? How so? Open […]

B. O. B. – OutKast

1, 2.. 1, 2, 3; yeah! Inter-national, underground Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground (Woo!) Like a million elephants with silverback orangutans You can’t stop a train Who want some? Don’t come un-pre-pared I’ll be there, but when I leave there Better be a household name Weather man tellin’ us it ain’t gon’ rain […]

Behold A Lady – OutKast

OutKast Behold A Lady [Andre 3000] Sophistophone {?}, aristocats Distinguished stars, clean up your acts Pull up your pants, ladies and gents Please, act like you got some sense You know what I really wanna know? Where do all the good girls go What clubs they hang in? [Chorus] Behold a lady I see you […]

Elevators (onp 86 Mix) – OutKast

One for the money yes uhh two for the show A couple of years ago on headland and delowe Was the start of somethin good Where me and my nigga rodes the marta, through the hood Just tryin ta find that hookup Now everyday we look up at the ceiling Watchin ceiling fans go around […]

Prototype – OutKast

I hope that you’re the one If not, you are the prototype We’ll tiptoe to the sun And do thangs I know you like [Hook] I think I’m in love again [repeat] [Verse 1] Today must be my lucky day Baby, you are the prototype Do sumn’ outta the ordinary Like catch a manitee Baby […]

Spottieottiedopalicious – OutKast

Damn damn damn james [pat brown] Dickie shorts & lincoln’s clean Leanin’ checking out the scene Gangsta boys bigga’s lit ridin’ out talkin’ shit Nigga where you wanna go? You know the club don’t close ’til four Let’s party ’til we can’t no more Watch out here come the folks [dre] As the plot thickens […]

Unhappy – OutKast

To dwell in earthly hell A pimp warrior fell One-two! Sir Lucious Left Foot in the muthafuckin’ booth Lucious! (Lucious!) Sir Lucious Left Foot has just entered [Hook:] Might as well have fun ’cause your happiness is done and your goose is cooked! [4x] [Verse 1:] First rule in this thang, never let ’em see […]

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